Official: Vietnam Tel has a quality opponent in the ‘Three Heroes’ tournament in September 2022

Specifically, the “Three Heroes” tournament organized by VFF in September 2022 will have the participation of Vietnam Tel and 2 guest teams, Singapore and India. 3 teams will compete in a round robin to calculate ranking points and choose the tournament champion.

According to the plan agreed by VFF with head coach Park Hang Seo, to prepare for the aforementioned international friendly tournament, Vietnam Tel will return to focus on September 17, after the end of round 16 of V. -League 2022.

Currently, Coach Park Hang Seo and his associates in the coaching staff are actively watching the matches in the V-League to select the best performing faces as well as competitive and standard new factors. force for Vietnam Tel towards AFF Cup 2022.

Because the upcoming “Tam Hung” tournament is a tournament that takes place on the occasion of FIFA Days, if there are no surprises, Quang Hai and Van Lam, the faces of the Vietnamese team competing abroad will return to focus. same team./.

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