Omicron became dominant strain in France

The French health agency confirmed that Omicron became the main mutation, the cause of the Covid-19 wave in this country in the past few days.

The French government late on December 30 confirmed that 62.4% of nCoV positive tests since the beginning of this week were due to the Omicron strain, up from 15% last week.

France recorded 206,243 new infections on December 30, the second day in a row the country reported more than 200,000 new infections. The average number of infections per day in France has increased continuously for more than a month. At the beginning of December, the number was still below the 50,000 mark and in the last month it was 10,000 cases per day.

French President Emmanuel Macron will deliver a New Year’s speech today, likely to warn the French about the danger from Omicron.

Many people wear makeup while shopping in the center of Paris on December 30.  Photo: NY Times.

Many people wear masks when shopping in the center of Paris on December 30. Photo: NY Times.

French Health Minister Olivier Veran on December 29 warned that the country was facing a “tsunami” of Covid-19. The national health system is under great pressure because the number of patients infected with nCoV has increased sharply.

Hospitals are treating more than 18,000 Covid-19 cases, of which nearly 2,000 were hospitalized on December 29 and 30. More than 3,500 patients are in intensive care.

Previously, Omicron was confirmed as a dominant strain in many European countries, including the UK and Portugal, which have the highest vaccination rates per population on the continent.

From New Year’s Eve December 31, the French government began to apply the regulation of wearing masks in outdoor locations in Paris, in the hope of slowing the spread of the Omicron mutation in the capital.

City police announced that all cases over 11 years old must wear a mask in public and when going out, except when exercising or cycling. In addition to Paris, a number of other French cities and administrative units have reintroduced this measure.

In Paris alone, the rate of nCoV infection is reaching an “unprecedented” level, according to a December 29 announcement by the city police. The rate of positive tests for Parisians is 2,000 cases per 100,000 population, twice the national average.

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