On the days of separation, I read novels and cook rice for charity

In the days of separation, I read novels and cook rice for charity - Photo 1.

After a long day of separation, Phuong Anh still retains positive energy by participating in community activities at home, learning foreign languages, reading books – Photo: H.YEN

“In the past two months, me and many friends have participated in the program Kitchen 0 VND (Smooth Spring Club) providing more than 100,000 meals for frontline forces, disadvantaged families, and isolated areas. At that time, I also took advantage of learning a new foreign language, Japanese, reading novels, practicing playing musical instruments or contacting old friends…”, the 23-year-old beauty opened the story about how to keep the days apart. not boring.

* Participated in a lot of community activities since high school, you have always been at the top of your class and even graduated valedictorian. Phuong Anh’s “secret”?

– I feel very fortunate because the schools I have attended always create comfortable conditions for us to study while being able to do social activities and pursue our passions.

Studying to become valedictorian has never been my goal, I always just strive to get good grades because I believe this is something I can decide for myself. In addition, perhaps because I am not under pressure about grades from my family, I study gently, comfortably and from there more effectively.

I think studying and becoming valedictorian is not a big deal because there are many people in society who are better learners and create more value than me.

* But maybe because you’re so smart, everything becomes very light?

– If there are things that I am proud of myself, it is energy and determination, working methodically and not to mention the support from family, environment…

Specifically, I myself am not the type of person who has just learned something in class, then go home and read it again immediately. I usually only know the important milestones in the semester (small and large test schedule, midterm and final exam schedule) to distribute the schedule accordingly. So there will be times when I’m very leisurely, but there will also be times when I focus on studying as much as possible.

I think knowing the “rules of the game” is the most important thing, in other words, I need to try my best to develop myself to become the most suitable person, not always the best, even if it’s not always the best. in going to school, going to work or taking the beauty contest…

* Phuong Anh always exudes a relaxed and energetic look. How do you have a balanced life?

– Actually, I’m a very anxious person, especially about things in the future. And I always have to learn how to control them, not to put pressure on myself. I think anyone’s life has challenges to overcome.

I remember when I competed in Miss Universe, I was shocked and told my mother that I had never been in a program where I was surrounded by tall, beautiful girls. Everyone has long hair, smooth white skin while my hair at that time was much shorter, inferior to many things. At that time, I texted and chatted with family and friends a lot, and thanks to their encouragement, I had more mental strength to overcome. I consider myself very lucky when my mother always gives me sweet and empathetic encouragement.

Or like the story, due to the pandemic, during the past summer, I couldn’t go and do as much as before. I know I am very lucky to still have health, close relatives and a roof to live in, but sometimes I still have negative thoughts inside, seeing myself wasting my youth, unable to take advantage of it. maximum title to do well runner term. At such times, I turn to my mother and close friends to share and since then the sadness is relieved.

* In addition to sharing from loved ones, how do you solve your own problems? life?

– I will often find activities that can make me a little busier, such as participating in charity kitchen activities during the pandemic, learning more foreign languages, reading books… Usually I like reading novels. , and I find reading them like listening to the stories and feelings with the author.

The point I like most from the book is that I will have a more open world view, a multi-dimensional perspective on life. And when reading the novel, I also find myself immersed in another world, I am no longer the runner-up Phuong Anh and temporarily “escape” from the problems I am having.

For example, during this epidemic season, I can’t go anywhere and all activities are confined to the house, so reading books also helps me somewhat. Or I choose to journal. I feel like when I put down my pen, reminisce and systematize the sad story, it becomes lighter than I ever imagined.

Study and social activities are “super”

Pham Ngoc Phuong Anh used to be the valedictorian of the bilingual system at Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted (HCMC) and always ranked first in his class in high school, won the first prize at the city level in French, and the third prize in the national French language. ..

Directly admitted to Foreign Trade University and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Phuong Anh then chose to attend an international school with a full scholarship. Despite participating in many community activities, you later graduated valedictorian, fluent in two languages, English and French.

Besides the 1st runner-up position in the Miss Vietnam 2020 contest, Phuong Anh used to be the Miss Ao Dai for female students nationwide in 2015…

Close the door to read books on blockade days Close the door to read books on blockade days

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