One-year-old baby was almost ‘sacrifice’ in the cave

ThailandOne-year-old girl Pornsiri Wongsilarung was successfully rescued after being left in a cave in Chiang Mai for three days by her kidnappers to “sacrifice”.

Baby Wongsilarung, aka Gina, was kidnapped while playing outside her house in a remote village in Chiang Mai province, Thailand, from the afternoon of September 5. Gina’s kidnapper is Siew, 44, a migrant worker from Myanmar and a friend of Gina’s father.

After abducting Gina, Siew placed her in a cave more than three kilometers from her home and left the one-year-old girl in a dark cave for three nights. Siew admitted to kidnapping, but said he was “commanded by the gods”.

“The gods of the forest told me to sacrifice a child to the devil, so I took Gina and put her in front of the cave. I didn’t kill her,” Siew told police.

Baby Pornsiri Wongsilarung was rescued by a rescue team on September 8.  Photo: ViralPress.

Baby Pornsiri Wongsilarung was rescued by a rescue team on September 8. Photo: ViralPress.

More than 200 police, rescue workers and volunteers were deployed to search for Gina throughout the homes and woods near where she went missing. Dogs, drones and a team of divers were also mobilized to find Gina.

On September 8, the girl was discovered in front of the cave, wearing only a shirt, bitten by insects all over her body and said to be exhausted. However, when he saw the rescue team, he smiled brightly. Gina was then quickly taken to the hospital for a check-up.

“I prayed day and night for her safe return. I am so happy to see her alive. I would give my life just to see her return safely,” said Malee Pasee, 23. , Gina’s mother, said.

Police said the suspect Siew initially refused to cooperate and only confessed to kidnapping Gina after being questioned throughout the night. He is also suspected of having health problems and drug effects.

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