Online piano performance to raise funds for the poor

Online piano performance to raise funds for the poor - Photo 1.

Young talent Phan Anh Minh performs at the piano – Photo: taken by HA THANH

There are no spotlights or applause, but wherever we perform, music is the magical gift that connects us together.

Seeing the hard work of doctors and nurses, the frontline force is fighting the epidemic day and night, we want to contribute something spiritual entertainment for everyone, while mobilizing more funds to support the poor.

Nguyen Trung Duc

Connect with music

Wearing a lovely red dress and high heels, Phan Anh Minh (a student at Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted) walked over to the piano. She gently opened the show Concert No.1 in an online format, with music by the genius Russian composer S.Rachmaninoff.

The program was conceived by Minh and a group of young music lovers in Hanoi with the purpose of raising funds to support the “Zero Supermarket – Share Mart”, helping people in difficult circumstances in Vietnam. capital overcome the epidemic.

As soon as “released”, Concert No.1 impressed by the presence of young piano talents Nguyen Duc Kien, Nguyen Trung Duc, Phan Anh Minh and “drummer” Duong Tuan Phuong.

“The past few days have been special! Every day, my family watches the news through TV and radio, knows the touching stories, the spirit of solidarity in the midst of the epidemic season. In the residential area where we live, there are Many children and old people use their money to help fund the purchase of masks and ventilators to help patients.

That prompted me to do something. A lot of plans are outlined, but how to strictly comply with the epidemic prevention regulations? And we immediately think of music,” – Nguyen Trung Duc (student of Hanoi – Amsterdam School for the Gifted) expressed.

They met in the music hobby, so as soon as the idea was formed, the couple Minh and Duc started to implement it. Initially, you set up a separate website for the series of events, posting information about the program’s content and the donation fund “Zero Supermarket”. The performance was premiered on the YouTube platform, creating favorable conditions for viewers to comment directly.

They are all young Vietnamese musical talents, who have performed all over the country and abroad, won many prestigious international awards, but this performance is very different, because there is no bright spotlight. cheers or applause from the audience, there was no difficult judge.

“Alone in a room with a guitar and a camera, I’m also a bit lonely. But in any situation, music still makes me happy. The best thing about organizing an online concert is the support of people. Watching it through praising comments, like energizing and encouraging the group, is like the feeling of acting on a real stage”, Anh Minh confided.

The talented boy Nguyen Duc Kien is the representative of Vietnam to participate in the Asia-Pacific round of the Steinway Youth Piano Competition 2021, sharing that this is the first time he has participated.

“At first, Kien was a little nervous, but practicing the piano every day helped me have a perfect performance,” Kien said.

Young people are always ready!

Total Concert No.1 Online is created, filmed and edited by young people at home to ensure safety during the time of social distancing. Trung Duc said that the most difficult thing is not being able to meet each other in person, so the group of friends only exchange messages, connect online, discuss suggestions and implement.

“Professional, recording videos at home can’t bring the best sound and images. Not to mention the new school year is coming soon, so everyone’s studies are very busy. But seeing the hard work of doctors and nurses. , the frontline force is fighting the epidemic day and night, we want to contribute something spiritual entertainment for everyone, while mobilizing more funds to support the poor” – Duc affirmed.

Anh Minh expressed his wish that through the performance, he would call on the community to join hands and donate food and necessary necessities to support families and individuals in difficult circumstances due to the epidemic.

Your group said Concert No.1 was successful beyond expectations, calling for more than 30 million VND to contribute to the “Zero Supermarket” fund. On September 11, the group continued to debut Concert No.2: Together spread the message: “Together – Join hands” with a broader scale, many instruments as well as musical genres.

“With a larger scale, more musical instruments as well as musical genres, we hope Concert No.2 will be more successful to join hands with Hanoi city and people to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic” Minh laughed.

* In 2020, Nguyen Duc Kien won the first prize of Group B (13-17 years old) in the national final round of the Steinway Youth Piano Competition. From 2016 up to now, you have won many international piano awards, the most recent being a special prize at the 2020 International Piano Competition in Malaysia.

* Along with studying at school, Phan Anh Minh is currently studying in the 9th year of the piano department at the Vietnam National Academy of Music. Some of Anh Minh’s typical awards include the gold prize of the Asian International Piano Competition 2017, the second prize of the Freurich International Piano Competition in Austria and the second prize of the 30th Flames International Piano Competition in France in 2019.

* Piano talent Nguyen Trung Duc also won the silver prize of the Asian International Piano Competition in 2018, the second prize of the International Chopin Piano Competition in 2016.


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