Overview of Princess Kate’s ‘stormy’ trip: Mistake after mistake, only a few glimmers of light

Normally, every royal tour is mentioned in the media with perfect images and activities that highlight the roles of senior members. However, for the couple, Princess Kate, their recent trip to the Caribbean did not have the desired results.

Arriving in Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas on a trip lasting more than 1 week, the Cambridge family hopes that they will make a small contribution to spreading the image of the royal family to foreign people, in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of their reign. because of the Queen of England, but the reality is quite harsh and harsh for them.

Overview of Princess Kate's stormy trip: Mistake after mistake, only a few glimmers of light - Photo 1.

The royal couple had a trip that did not achieve the desired results

“Storm” tour

Just before the start of the trip, the Cambridges encountered an unexpected incident, signaling a turbulent journey awaits them ahead. The royal couple were forced to cancel the first event on their schedule to Belize when residents there protested over a land dispute.

The first mistake of Princess Kate and her husband on this trip was that the couple and the staff were not well prepared to be prepared for possible scenarios and incidents during the long trip. They did not expect the public’s reaction to be so intense and multidimensional.

The photo of Princess Kate and Prince William shaking hands with people of color over a metal fence upon arrival in Jamaica has been hailed as one of the couple’s failed moments. Of course, a photo cannot tell the whole truth, but it contains “sensitive” details and causes many negative comments on social networks.

Overview of Princess Kate's stormy trip: Mistake after mistake, only a few glimmers of light - Photo 2.

The image of shaking hands through the metal fence of the Cambridge house has received many criticisms

Many experts said that Princess Kate and her husband did not keep up with the times. What they did on the trip was in keeping with the past tradition but is no longer relevant at the present time. This is the couple’s first major trip since anti-apartheid protests spread and flourished around the world.

In addition, the interview of the Sussex family has caused the British royal family to receive many criticisms related to racism. All of this has created a complicated context and not a small challenge for the Cambridge family. Therefore, the image of shaking hands at the metal fence has become a “thorn” in the eyes of the public and makes the image of the royal couple more ugly.

Not stopping there, the moment Princess Kate stepped back and avoided a woman of color, angered some netizens and made the Duchess “lose points” seriously in the eyes of many people. The Duchess of Cambridge made a big mistake by lacking flexibility and ingenuity in the matter of racism.

The moment that made Princess Kate lose points on the trip

Besides, the fact that the royal couple recreated the image of the Queen and her husband in the past was also considered a mistake. On the morning of March 24, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took part in a military parade in Jamaica on an open-top Land Rover, an activity that the Queen of England and the late Prince Philip had done before.

However, this act of the royal couple inadvertently reminds of the unhappy past of the people of Jamaica, who are fighting for autonomy, independence, independent of any alliance. . Many sources say that Prince William himself has questioned whether this action of his is correct and his advisers have admitted belatedly that they should have pushed this back.

Overview of Princess Kate's stormy trip: Mistake after mistake, only a few glimmers of light - Photo 4.

Prince William and his wife have reminded of the not so happy past in history

The glimmering points of light

Although there have been some unfortunate mistakes, it is undeniable that Princess Kate and her husband have made timely adjustments and they still promote their strengths to make certain impressions on the trip. tour.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been highly appreciated by experts as the royal bride has tried her best, facing challenges and difficulties during the trip to shine in her own way. The mother of three made a strong impression with her boldness, humor and dynamism.

The moment the Duchess smiled brightly in the heavy rain while participating in a boat race or she had the courage to taste the special food of the indigenous people showed that Princess Kate increasingly possesses quality. of a future Queen: Not only supporting the King but also having her own highlight. She brought positive energy to this stormy trip.

Princess Kate brought positive energy to the trip

Besides, the intimate attachment of Princess Kate and her husband also melted the hearts of a part of public opinion. The royal couple’s intimate and caring gestures during the tour provided a sweeter and warmer picture after the negative criticism.

The Duchess of Cambridge has accompanied each other in all activities. They support, share and are a solid support for each other to overcome the difficult days in the historical trip.

Princess Kate and her husband are a great support for each other

The positive point that most experts appreciate at the Cambridge home after the trip is over is that Prince William has promptly made adjustments and shows that he has worked hard to absorb and find ways to change to towards a better future.

The prince wants to be heard and believes that it is necessary to face and deal with negative news. He expressed the view that any Caribbean country he visited was completely free and had royal backing in all their decisions about the future. But William went further than that, specifically mentioning the Commonwealth in his speech. The Duke of Cambridge has been thinking about these issues for a long time and finds his role increasingly important in adapting to a changing world.“, said a royal aide.

Overview of Princess Kate's stormy trip: Mistake after mistake, only a few glimmers of light - Photo 7.

On March 26, as the royal tour drew to a close, the Duke of Cambridge gave a completely honest assessment of his eight-day visit to Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas, saying he accepts the future he will be given. built on his and his wife’s worldview, not on royal status.

These foreign visits are opportunities for reflection. You learn a lot from it. The thoughts of the prime ministers; hopes and ambitions of students; Daily challenges of families and communities. We enjoyed our time interacting with communities in all three countries, learning more about the issues that matter most to them.

Catherine (Princess Kate) and I are committed to service. For us, it’s not about telling them what to do, but about serving and supporting whatever they think is best. This is why trips like these help reaffirm our desire to serve the people of the Commonwealth and listen to communities around the world.“, Prince William said in the speech.

According to British media, William’s choice of words in the statement received support from the Queen and Prince Charles.

Source: Sky News, The Guardian

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