Parking phases of Vietnamese drivers ‘difficult to help’

In Vietnam today, the parking system in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is gradually becoming overloaded. This makes many drivers in these areas have a habit of indiscriminate parking in a “fill in the blank” style.

Pursuant to Decree 100/2019/ND-CP stipulating penalties for road and railway traffic violations, improperly parked cars will cause owners to be subject to administrative fines at the same time, in apartment buildings. , the building management has also introduced regulations such as locking the wheels to “deter” drivers from parking in the wrong place.

And especially, parking at inappropriate locations also prevents other vehicles and pedestrians from moving, causing traffic jams, even leading to some unfortunate traffic accidents. However, a series of domestic drivers still make this mistake.

Despite being informed by Tien Phong about the phenomenon of cars occupying the charging position, many drivers continue to practice this behavior, creating additional difficulties for EV owners. Photo: Otofun.

Parking in a “two-car” manner in the parking lot is common. This behavior will make the drivers who come last very angry if this is the last parking position in the garage. Photo: Otofun.

Although clearly divided into cells, some drivers still blatantly leave their cars in the middle of the road in the parking tunnels. Photo: Otofun.

Difficult parking phases of Vietnamese drivers - Photo 4.

One driver even intentionally left the car right at the entrance and left. Photo: Otofun.

Difficult parking phases of Vietnamese drivers - Photo 5.

This is an example of the phenomenon of parking in the wrong place that will cause inconvenience to many people around. Photo: Otofun.

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