Parting tears of a Russian wife on the day her husband enlisted in the army

Yulia burst into tears when Andrei put on his backpack to join the army, because they had just completed the marriage procedure a few minutes ago near the recruitment office in the Rostov region.

On the first day of the week, the recruitment office in the city of Bataysk, Rostov region, southwestern Russia, filled with the sound of Soviet-era songs, mixed with the sobs of the relatives of the recruits who were called to the army by order. partial encouragement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 21 issued an order to mobilize and call up a reserve force of about 300,000 people, mainly demobilized soldiers, with military expertise and experience, equivalent to more than 1% of the total potential. Russia’s membership is 25 million people.

The military recruitment office in Bataysk is located next to the city’s marriage registration office. Some couples have decided to have a wedding ceremony right before enlisting in the army, because they do not want to have to separate before being married.

Andrei said he and his fiancée Yulia have no plans to get married, but the call to enlist forced them to rethink. “A lot of mixed emotions, I feel scared when there are so many unpredictable things ahead,” Andrei said as he carried his son, who was holding a ball in his arms.

After being announced as husband and wife, Yulia couldn’t hold back her tears when she saw Andrei wearing a backpack with his new teammates. Outside, a man holds an accordion, plays heroic tunes, bids farewell to the rookies on the road.

Parting tears of a Russian wife on the day her husband enlisted in the army

Men from the Rostov region say goodbye to their loved ones on the day of military service at the Bataysk office. Video: Reuters.

Roman Khodakov, 20, said he had just received a call to enlist the night before. He was discharged from the army less than three months ago.

“A man came to the house and gave me a call. My mother was not happy, but what else can we do? We have to protect the country,” Roman said. “It’s important to overcome the fear. I don’t worry about myself, it’s up to God, I’m just afraid of my family suffering.”

Not every recruit in Bataysk enlists on summons. Nikolai Moiseyenko said he had volunteered to join the army. “I have family and friends in Ukraine. We will help them to be liberated,” Moiseyenko said.

The Russian Defense Ministry said reservists will receive additional military training to regain their combat sense before being deployed to Ukraine.

However, many Russians managed to leave the country after the mobilization order was issued. Follow ReutersAbout 7,000 people crossed the border from Russia to Finland on September 22, about 6,000 of them Russian citizens, up 107% from a week earlier.

The order to mobilize in Russia is said to be under criticism from even supporters of the Kremlin, something that has hardly happened in the country since Moscow announced the opening of a military operation in Ukraine. This is the first time Russia has issued an order to mobilize troops since World War II.

The Kremlin also admitted that there were mistakes in the process of mobilizing reserve troops, when many people were angry because the officers in charge of recruitment sent the wrong people to enlist and a series of other problems. Several recruitment offices in Russia have been attacked since the mobilization order was issued.

Duc Trung (Theo Reuters)

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