Passers-by save the girl who was drowned in the fountain

SpainWitnessing the girl being pulled by the man’s hair and drowned her head in the fountain, two passers-by rushed to intervene.

British media on August 11 reported that the 52-year-old man and the girl were in the fountain when another person passed by, offering to take pictures for the two on August 9.

Passersby rescue girl drowned in fountain

A man assaults a girl in a fountain in Valencia on August 9. The video contains violent scenes, readers should consider before watching. Video: Daily Mail

The man gave the phone to ask for a photo, the other ran away, taking the phone with him. This man suspected the girl was the thief’s accomplice and turned to attack. The topless man appeared to be drunk, grabbed the girl by the hair and pressed his head into the water.

Bystanders urged him to let go, one shouted “he’ll kill her”, but the man didn’t stop until a red-shirted passerby jumped in to intervene.

While resisting the person in the red shirt, the attacker still held the girl’s hair. A second passerby in a black T-shirt jumped in, knocking him down with a series of punches. The last attacker let go of the girl’s hair.

Rescue workers arrived a few minutes later, taking both to the hospital for treatment. The attacker suffered cuts to his cheekbones and eyebrows, and the girl’s injuries are unknown. When police arrived, the phone thief and two passersby had already left.

Spanish police on August 11 announced that the attacker in a Valencia park was charged with attempted murder, but did not release his identity.

Hong Hanh (Theo Daily Mail)

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