Passionate about basketball, the male student of Information Technology “makeover” when he lost nearly 50kg

Before participating in the line-up of the Faculty of Information Technology to win the Basketball championship at the recent HUTECH Games 2022, Minh Nghia participated in many 3×3 and 5×5 semi-professional tournaments of clubs at Ho Chi Minh City and nationwide. The male student also created a phenomenon at the HUTECH new student sports tournament in early 2022, when he was crowned champion with an undefeated record during the tournament.

Passionate about basketball, male students of Information Technology

Tran Minh Nghia – HUTECH IT student is extremely “hot” on the basketball court

However, Minh Nghia’s “chubby” past image surprised many people. The male student said, you once weighed up to 138kg and… still played basketball!

Passionate about basketball, male students of Information Technology

The past image surprised many people of the “marshal”

With a weight of 138kg, Minh Nghia said you don’t have many problems, but you still have to lose weight to qualify for a national tournament. In a short time, male students must follow an extremely strict diet, intense training to get the right weight for competition goals.

Passionate about basketball, the Information Technology male student

To achieve the ideal weight and body, Minh Nghia (orange shirt) had to eat and exercise extremely harshly.

“I lost a circuit from 138kg to 86kg, but at that time I felt… so sick, so I worked out again to raise my weight to 92kg”, Minh Nghia jokingly shared about the process of balancing her body. .

Possessing a “six pack” appearance with a slight weight outside of 90kg, the HUTECH Information Technology male student is currently quite satisfied with his current appearance. “I feel lighter and more flexible when I play basketball, especially thanks to losing weight, I know how great I am,” Minh Nghia said.

Passionate about basketball, male students of Information Technology

The ideal look of a male student when successfully losing weight

With the experience of “makeover” thanks to weight loss, Minh Nghia also gives advice to those who have been and are having the same direction. “If you want to lose weight effectively and healthy, you should not cut carbs too extreme. The most important thing is to divide the time of exercise and rest reasonably so that the body can regulate well. Determining the goal Clear goals, perseverance and discipline are also essential, as for me it is losing weight to be able to play basketball in the best way.

Passionate about basketball, male students of Information Technology

Achieving the ideal weight and height helps Minh Nghia be more flexible on the football field. Nghia is currently one of the most anticipated faces in the HUTECH basketball team.

Passion for basketball is an important motivation for male students to lose weight. Becoming a student of HUTECH Information Technology, Minh Nghia is “like a fish in water” when the Faculty of Information Technology has a tradition in basketball. While studying and participating in the faculty’s basketball team and the school’s basketball team, Minh Nghia aims to continue to develop her playing skills in larger playgrounds: “I will build a training regime and serious self-development, maybe join the teams competing in the open tournaments to rub and hone themselves.Also, the effort to practice is also to satisfy the passion for basketball and help I’m getting closer to the titles, the success I expect for myself.”

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