Petrol prices will simultaneously drop sharply tomorrow

According to calculations of petroleum companies, with the world oil price continuously plunging in the past few days, currently each liter of E5RON92 gasoline sold is making a profit of about 1,100 dong per liter, calculated from the time of retail price of gasoline. domestic was adjusted on September 5.

RON95-III gasoline retails profitably at 960 dong per liter. The 0.005S diesel is profitable about 1,416 VND per liter while madut is making about 1,100 VND per liter and kerosene is about 1,300 VND per liter.

In case the management agency does not use the measures to deduct and spend from the Petroleum Price Stabilization Fund, the domestic retail price of E5RON92 gasoline may decrease by about 1,100 VND per liter while RON95-III gasoline will decrease by more than 900 VND per liter. . Diesel, madut and kerosene oils can be reduced between VND 1,100 and VND 1,400 per liter.

However, according to the assessment, in order to supplement the Petrol Price Stabilization Fund, which is severely negative, the management agency can adjust the reduction with E5RON92 gasoline and RON95-III gasoline around 800-1,000 VND per liter. At the same time, the fund will be deducted from 400 to 600 VND per liter. With the sharp drop in oil price, the regulator can release the fund and reduce the retail price of diesel 0.05S from 1,100 -1,300 VND per liter.

Although the world oil price has continuously decreased in the past few days and domestic retail gasoline has been profitable, according to information from agents, retail stores, retail businesses have hardly benefited because they have been cut off. or only receive very low discounts from key businesses and distribution traders. Many retail businesses that can buy goods after the September 5th operating period are worried that they will return to a state of loss due to a deep drop in prices in the operating period tomorrow.

Some agents said that the situation of not being able to import goods or being able to import goods in drops was still recorded in localities. Due to not being able to import many goods, only the wholesalers, distributors and general agents are, technically, the units in the petroleum supply chain that made the most profit in the past week when world oil prices continued to fall.

During the operating period on September 5, retail E5 RON 92 gasoline decreased by 366 VND/liter to 23,359 VND/liter; RON95 gasoline decreased by 439 VND/liter to 24,230 VND/liter. Diesel 0.05S is priced at 25,188 VND/liter (an increase of 1,429 VND/liter). This is the first time in history that the official price of oil is higher than the price of gasoline. Kerosene also increased by 1,389 VND, to 25,545 VND/liter. Particularly, fuel oil decreased by 471 dong, to 16,077 dong/kg.

Since the beginning of the year until now, the domestic petrol price has undergone 23 adjustments, of which there are 13 increases, 9 decreases and one stays the same. If this operating period drops sharply, this will be the lowest level since the beginning of the year.

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