Phan Nhu Thao shows a photo of her daughter Dove, netizens praise her educational method

In the process of raising children, surely every parent wants their children to form an independent personality, always taking the initiative in everything. This brings great benefits for the future, helping children have a high chance of success in life. But being too independent also causes “bad tears, bad laughs”, the story of former model Phan Nhu Thao is a typical case.

Recently, the former model posted a picture of her daughter standing in the kitchen cooking with an interesting line: “The girl who is about to be 6 years old, whether going to school or not going to school, wakes up at 6 am (6 am) and helps her mother make pancakes for breakfast. Even though she begged her to let her sleep a little more, she refused to let her.” . Through the confession, it can be seen that although she is very sleepy, she is often “disturbed” by her daughter every morning.

Phan Nhu Thao shows off a photo of her daughter, Dou, and netizens praise her educational method - Photo 1.

Pigeon wakes up at 6 o’clock every morning to make canpake.

Many people laughed at the cuteness of the Dove and did not forget to give praise: “The dove is so good!”, “The girl has lice, the punctuality is commendable!”, “The girl is so good!”,… Having such an obedient, hardworking daughter who knows how to help her parents is due to the careful and thoughtful parenting of Phan Nhu Thao and her husband Duc An.


Despite being old, giant Duc An – husband of former model Phan Nhu Thao still takes care of Dove with his wife without hiring a nanny. He goes to the kitchen to cook and take care of the children as well as a way to set an example of independence for the children to follow. He shows himself as a responsible, resourceful father who takes care of everything.

Raised by his father with such strict discipline, everyone can see the results in Dove. The older the girl, the more obedient, obedient and independent from a young age. She often helps her parents wash dishes after eating, clean toys and carry dirty laundry.

In recent years, giant Duc An has handed over the business to his young wife. His time in the day is to do housework and wholeheartedly take care of the children. He and his wife together take their children to school and pick them up every day. At the weekend, the giant takes his small family to go out, go to the bookstore, go out to eat, …

Phan Nhu Thao shows off a photo of her daughter Dove, netizens praise her educational method - Photo 2.

Taking care of your child by hand is also an effective way to practice self-reliance.

Taking care of children meticulously, every glass, so there are times when he feels tired. “Of course, having more children is fun, but that’s okay. Nowadays, raising children is so extreme, unlike in the past, all children are released to be raised by God. Thao and I are tired of raising children, especially mentally. baby ‘on’ us too!”, he shared.

Giant Duc An shared that because the couple pampered their children, Dove was very fussy, but on the contrary, was also very “tender” to her parents. I always take care of them, care if their parents are happy or sad, take care of their parents with every bite of food and water. Many times I still think, if the child is still young, then he will grow up suffering because he always worries about others but does not worry about himself.

Phan Nhu Thao shows off a photo of her daughter, Dou, and netizens praise her educational method - Photo 3.

Former model with her daughter – Dove.

Not only taking care of children from meals to sleeping, he also has admirable parenting principles. He applies iron discipline to his beloved daughter, teaching her in the “poor family” style. The giant said: “He said that his family is poor, he has no money, he wants to earn money to buy it. He wants his children to know how to value money and not depend on others.”

In addition, Phan Nhu Thao and her husband also focus on forging Dove’s precious qualities from an early age, such as: politeness, friendliness, honesty, hard work, etc. In every word and action. Actively, she and her husband always try to set an example for their children, teach them right and wrong and hope that they will do right.

Photo: FBNV

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