Philippines sets a record of 26,000 new cases of COVID-19, hospitals close because they run out of beds

Follow StraitstimesBoth hospitals are located in Quezon province, southeast of the Philippine capital Manila.

On Friday (September 10), the Gumaca district hospital announced that the rooms for COVID-19 patients were all full.

“We will do our best to support you. Emergencies will be transferred to another hospital. Although it is heartbreaking, we cannot guarantee your admission,” said Dr. Sonny Ching, The director of Gumaca’s hospital said in a social media post.

Philippines set a record of 26,000 new cases of COVID-19, hospitals closed because they ran out of beds - Photo 1.

A day earlier, Magsaysay District Hospital made a similar announcement after more and more front-line medical workers contracted COVID-19 because the hospital was overwhelmed. Magsaysay Hospital urges patients with COVID-19 symptoms to seek medical care at other medical facilities.

As of September 10, Quezon province, which is currently applying strict restrictions, has a total of 2,311 patients being treated, a sharp increase from 705 patients on July 23.

The Philippines on Saturday recorded a record high number of new COVID-19 cases, with 26,303 cases and an additional 79 deaths. This number broke the record on 9/9 with 22,820 new cases.

The total number of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines to date is more than 2.2 million, with nearly 35,000 deaths.

16.1 million Filipinos have received the full dose of the vaccine, equivalent to 14.9% of the population.

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