Phuong Oanh’s move in the midst of a love story

On the evening of August 27, Phuong Oanh posted a picture with the status line: “Thank you for the faith, love and strength of those who love Oanh for Oanh. Have a good and peaceful new month.”

The actress emphasized: “Thank you again, everyone. Through this incident, Oanh also realized who is a friend is still a good friend, and whoever is a friend also pops out the raft. Consider it as an opportunity to filter friends.” Phuong Oanh’s sharing line quickly attracted the attention of the public.

Currently, the actress has also locked the comment mode and only friends can interact with her in public posts. Many people think that this is a way for actress Quynh doll to avoid negative comments from netizens.

Phuong Oanh's move in the middle of a noisy love story - Photo 2.

Phuong Oanh thanked the audience for loving her.

Previously, Phuong Oanh confirmed her dating with Shark Binh: “Me and Mr. Binh are dating and we have never hidden this. We often appear publicly together and close friends. Everyone knows it”.

The actress also said that when they got together, she and Shark Binh were still single. Phuong Oanh herself said that the opponent had experienced a breakdown more than 2 years ago, but she never asked about the past. She emphasized that she had done nothing wrong, so there was nothing to be ashamed of.

Phuong Oanh's move in the middle of a noisy love story - Photo 3.

After 2 years of being secretive, the actress made her love story public.

Possessing a lovely face, sharp eyes with an impressive height of 1.7m and a sexy body, Phuong Oanh is always a name that is noticed in the beauties of the “VTV universe”. After being noticed through the films Whisper from the past, Old Girl Sizzling…, she caused a fever with the role of “Quynh doll” in the movie of the same name and became a star from there.

With a height of 1m70, a hot body and a beautiful face that causes sympathy, Phuong Oanh is increasingly expensive TV shows, and movies. The girl of the family, Unforgettable days, Choosing fate, Taste of intimacy… help her become more and more famous. At the age of 33, the hotness of Phuong Oanh’s name seems to be at its peak.

Recently, the beautiful 8X did not receive any new projects to focus on her own fashion brand business.

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