Play TikTok ‘knife’, have a broken hand?: Stay awake, interact, select content

Playing TikTok knife, having a broken hand?: Stay awake, interact, select content - Photo 1.

TikTok “Brother Doan” chooses to share his perspective with young people about the Union’s organization and activities – Photo: QL

Let’s share with the experience of readers sent to the forum in the past few days.

User social responsibility

According to TikTok’s Community Standards Enforcement report just released, more than 2.4 million videos with content that violate regulations in the Vietnamese market were removed in the first quarter of 2022.

In which, 92.5% videos are actively removed by scanning technology, 88.7% videos are deleted before being viewed. Within 24 hours of posting, 94% of the offending video was removed from social media.

Videos were removed due to hate speech, violent extremism, nudity and sexual activity, illegal activities, violent, gruesome content, harassment , bullying, suicide…

“Virtual life” is not bad, it does not deserve condemnation when it only serves its own interests, does not affect the community. But something too often backfires.

No matter where you show up, in real life or online (including creating a virtual nick), you are still operating as an individual in the midst of society, a citizen responsible before the law. So every action, gesture, word reflects consciousness, understanding and personality your.

TikTok has partly affected the spirit and morality of each individual. We have the Cybersecurity Law, the code of conduct in cyberspace, the coordination of the network operators … but the amount of information is too large, TikTok appears fast and abundantly, reporting bad news to the home. The network will still have certain shortcomings.

So while there is a need for stricter legal policies, TikTok clip creators must show their social responsibility with positive messages.


Don’t “put your child out of the market… life”!

My friend, a mother of two, takes advantage of her free summer to make a series of funny clips about two children and then upload them to TikTok. Receiving interactions, large comments, you are so excited. From sisters fighting each other to moments that need to be hidden, you show it all off.

Then the jokes of the mother and daughter gradually drifted into the sly, deceitful, and deceitful games. The climax is the clip buying lottery tickets of an elderly man, then pretending to change into white paper piles of two children under the “directed” hand of the mother, causing your family to receive all the bricks and stones.

Although you corrected that you apologized to the old man immediately and bought more than a dozen lottery tickets, it did not appease the anger of the public.

The worst thing is that the two children were cursed at being spoiled, they learned to cheat and become thieves… I’m too young to understand, but who can be sure that one day when they grow up, “the traces on the internet “He didn’t catch my eye!

There are many clips showing off their children online, not only TikTok, both boasting and “smiling for fun”. Not to mention the countless clips using children as evidence of “fighting” the school, slandering teachers, arguing between parents … posted publicly, without covering children’s faces.

Has anyone thought about the image of a child being taken advantage of by other people using the like sentence, the view sentence? Do we have any barriers to protect young souls from being scratched and hurt by the online community’s attacks?

Please don’t take me to the market… life! Don’t turn your child’s current imprint into an obsession for the future!


Sanctions channels with objectionable content

TikTok is gradually becoming a popular “spiritual food” for many young people. My two children, who are in 6th and 8th grade, are also “hard fans” of this social network. Because it is possible to make money if the account attracts a lot of followers, becomes famous, has social influence, I know some of you choose to be a TikToker as a job.

But not all content creators have the patience to build channels with inspirational messages or useful information. The proof is that videos that are objectionable, even illegal, and go against the moral tradition appear abundantly.

My two children are enamored with TikTok of a girl who regularly posts videos instructing students to cheat such as how to cover the camera when learning online without teachers knowing, recommending a website that just gives the question the answer, the secret decided to cheat when taking the online exam… with countless followers. Of course, I strictly forbid my children to follow this channel.

As far as I know, there is currently no punishment for offensive behavior that most clips on TikTok are removed due to user reports.

Many harmful content for users, especially minors, is still posted. Therefore, it is necessary to have strict sanctions and sanctions for cases of violations of the law, affecting the fine customs and traditions of Vietnamese people.


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