Police knock down the man who rushed to the Queen’s coffin

A man who tried to rush towards the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Hall was knocked down and restrained by police for 2 seconds.

“Around 10 p.m. on September 16 (4 a.m. September 17, Hanoi time), police arrested a man at Westminster Hall after the disturbance,” British police said.

Images broadcast live from the Great Hall showed a stir when the man rushed towards the funeral podium. The police guards next to the Queen’s coffin reacted very quickly, knocking this person to the floor and controlling and bringing him back.

The incident occurred hours after King Charles III, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and Prince Edward performed a vigil next to the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Hall.

British police restrained man who 'ran to the Queen's coffin'

British police restrain the man who stormed to the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II. Video: Twitter/SteveMcMillen5.

Tracey Holland, who was standing in line at Westminster Hall to pay tribute to the Queen, said the man tricked her 7-year-old niece and rushed forward. “He was going to flip the royal flag over the coffin,” Holland told Sky News. “The police restrained the person for two seconds.”

“It was shocking and very disrespectful,” another witness said.

Channels that reported live inside Westminster Hall all switched to broadcast the outside of the building for 15 minutes.

Westminster Hall is home to the casket of Queen Elizabeth II. The coffin will be buried here from September 14 to the morning of September 19, British people are allowed to visit the Queen during this time.

A spokesman for Britain’s parliament described the incident in Westminster Hall as “a citizen leaving the line and rushing towards the high platform”. “This person has been taken out and the flow of people continues to move with minimal disruption.”

Tens of thousands of people have visited the Queen of England since her funeral began in Westminster Hall. Despite warnings about wait times that could be more than 24 hours and low temperatures at night, many people continued to wait in line outside.

“My legs are tired but it’s okay. The people here are lovely and we had a pretty good time,” said Hyacinth Appah, a visitor.

British media estimate the number of people waiting in line to visit the Queen may be more than a million, but only about half of these have the chance to enter Westminster Hall.

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