Police with knives and chopping boards work as small traders in the ‘container market’

Police with knives and chopping boards work as small traders in the container market - Photo 1.

In the past few days, at the “container markets”, the Da Nang police force worked like real traders – Photo: D.C.

After the order is completed, the regional policemen will deliver the goods to each residential group to deliver to the people.

When the police do… “small business”

For the past few days, every 4:30-5 am, Lieutenant Colonel Tran Viet Tien (Department of Internal Political Security) – a supply point in Tan Chinh ward – regularly and his teammates go to receive food to bring to the “container market”. “Because it’s fresh food, we have to go early to bring the goods to the people in time to make the food taste better,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Tien.

After receiving enough, the food is brought to the “container market”. After a few days of “opening the market”, 6 officers and soldiers have one job each. When the order arrives, the person who divides the meat and fish, the person who makes the dish, the person who pays the bill… Each order, Lieutenant Colonel Tien reminds you to remember to add free green vegetables.

Mr. Tien calculates that every day there are 150-200 orders from people sent here. According to Mr. Tien, all of the brothers have studied the police profession, but these days are doing “backhand” work to support people. “Calculating each dish, each kilogram from meat, fish sauce, shrimp noodles … is also very stressful. Must be exact quantity, product, cost and total amount. Working, learning, and drawing experience day by day” – Mr. Tien said.

Police with knives and chopping boards work as small traders in the container market - Photo 2.

Police work as “small traders” to provide essential food for people – Photo: D.C.

Captain Le Tuyet Nhung – Department of Party Affairs and Political Affairs – is well versed in the household chores and cooking, but she also told the truth that when she started working at the “container market” in front of the Con market. sweat too.

“For a long time, I went to the market, bought food and drinks, and the small merchants in the market charged for that, and I paid for it. Until I had to practice to be a small merchant” – Captain Nhung shared.

Receiving bags of fresh meat, fish, vegetables, tubers … to the “container market”, Captain Nhung and his teammates brought gloves, protective equipment, and cutting boards. When the orders came back, Ms. Nhung cut the pork pieces into pieces and put them in each bag. The other 5 teammates each have a job, the one in the bag, the one who keeps the book, the one who calculates the money … “The first days were awkward, but this meal was like… a real small business” – Ms. Nhung happily said.

The bags were neatly “out and out”, the regional policemen were present at the “container market” to receive the goods. These special shippers go to every corner, delivering goods to the neighborhood groups to deliver to the people.

Police with knives and chopping boards work as small traders in the container market - Photo 3.

Captain Le Tuyet Nhung works at the “container market” – Photo: Đ.C.

Lieutenant Colonel Tien confided: “We do the work, even though we have backhands, and a little hard work, we hope to contribute a little bit of strength so that people can feel secure at home, together with the city to fight the epidemic.”

Hope to contribute a small part

After 4 days of implementation, 30 “container markets” of Da Nang Police have supplied nearly 18,000 orders to people in 4 districts. Orders through residential groups, people have consumed more than 27,000kg of pork, nearly 8,000 chickens, 1,363 ducks, 7.7 tons of flying fish, 23.3 tons of scad, 33 tons of rice, and many more. chicken eggs, shrimp noodles, fish sauce, salt… and 14 tons of green vegetables for free.

Police with knives and chopping boards work as small traders in the container market - Photo 4.

Before the “container market” opened on August 28, thousands of tons of essential food were gathered – Photo: Đ.C.

Major General Vu Xuan Vien – director of the Da Nang Public Security Department – said: “We operate completely non-profit, with subsidies for people, so the price will be lower than the common ground, providing free support for green vegetables. The most important thing is to provide the necessities in a timely and secure manner for the people.”

The city police also assigned the ward police to make a list of households in difficult circumstances to support food and food, to fund about thousands of gifts to send to needy households. “We also hope to contribute a small part so that people can feel secure enough to have at least the minimum conditions to stay at home,” added Mr. Vien.

Police with knives and chopping boards work as small traders in the container market - Photo 5.

The Secretary of the Da Nang Party Committee and the director of the City Public Security Department encourage officers and soldiers at the “container market” – Photo: Đ.C.

Mr. Nguyen Van Quang – Secretary of the Da Nang City Party Committee – said that this flexible approach of the City Police force has contributed to reducing pressure on the locality in providing goods when the city implements strict social distancing. for.

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