Polish foreign minister: If Russia uses nuclear weapons, NATO will ‘retaliate cruelly’

Polish Foreign Minister: If Russia uses nuclear weapons, NATO will respond cruelly' - Photo 1.

Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau – Photo: AFP

Speaking during a visit to Washington (USA), on September 27, Zbigniew Rau said that in the event of Russia’s nuclear attack on Ukraine, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will respond strongly.

“As far as I know, (Russian President) Putin is threatening to use strategic nuclear weapons in Ukraine, not attack NATO, which means NATO should respond in the usual way,” Zbigniew said. Vegetables said in the program Meet the Press of NBC News.

“The response will be devastating. I think this is a clear message that NATO is sending to Russia right now,” he stressed.

Discussing the possibility that Russia will use nuclear weapons, in the latest statement on September 27, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, and former prime minister and Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, said: It is very unlikely that Russia will use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

He said Russia would only use the weapon if Russia or one of its allies was attacked with a weapon of mass destruction, or if Russia’s very existence was threatened in a conflict.

Contrary to the statement from Poland’s foreign minister, Mr. Medvedev said that even if Russia had to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine, NATO would not intervene because “Kyiv’s Western supporters will not be ready to die on this day.” nuclear apocalypse”.

“I believe NATO will not intervene in the conflict in this scenario. The safety of Washington, London, Brussels is more important than the fate of a useless, perishing Ukraine,” Medvedev said.

According to Western media, Russian forces are being pushed back in some parts of Ukraine. The situation raises concerns that President Putin will use nuclear weapons or strategic nuclear weapons of a smaller size.

On September 25, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan warned that the Kremlin’s use of nuclear weapons would have “catastrophic consequences for Russia”.

On September 21, President Putin issued a moratorium on partial mobilization to mobilize 300,000 troops to fight in Ukraine.

Commenting on this, the Polish foreign minister said Ukraine’s armed forces defeated professional Russian servicemen, so the newly added “poorly trained and poorly equipped” reservists are unlikely to change the course of the battle.

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