Pope Francis buys 15,000 ice cream cones to help Italian prisoners get through the summer of fire

Pope Francis bought 15,000 ice cream sticks to help Italian prisoners get through the summer of fire - Photo 1.

An ice cream shop in Italy sells ice cream inspired by Pope Francis – Photo: REUTERS

Newspaper The Guardian of the UK, citing a notice from the Vatican’s charity office witty saying that this office “does not take summer vacation 2021”.

Instead, Vatican volunteers spent time visiting inmates and comforting those less fortunate.

According to the Vatican, Pope Francis has decided to buy 15,000 ice cream cones and deliver them to inmates at two prisons in Rome over the summer.

This ice cream was delivered on behalf of the Pope by Cardinal Konrad Krajewski in the hope of helping the prisoners feel less stuffy in the scorching heat of this summer.

According to the Vatican, the ice cream is just one of many being done “to help and give hope to thousands of people in Rome’s prisons”.

In June, about 20 inmates from Rebibbia prison met Pope Francis before joining him for a visit to the Vatican Museums.

The Vatican’s charity office also takes small groups of the homeless “to the sea or a great lake for a relaxing afternoon and dinner in a pizzeria”. This agency also sponsors free COVID-19 testing and vaccinations for the homeless and poor in Rome.

This summer was one of the hottest on record in Italy, according to The Guardian. Syracuse, a city in Sicily, recorded temperatures of up to 48.8 degrees Celsius in August. The high temperatures also led to large-scale wildfires that firefighters struggled to contain.

Pope Francis is the first pope from South America and the Southern Hemisphere. He was elected head of the Vatican during the 2013 Conclave of Cardinals, after Pope Benedict XVI abdicated for health reasons.

Cardinal Krajewski, 57, often quietly works to help the poor for many years, according to The Guardian. He made headlines in 2019 when he tore off police seals and restored electricity to a building that housed about 450 homeless people.

The site was previously cut off power due to a shortage of more than 300,000 euros in electricity bills. Cardinal Krajewski then claimed to take all responsibility, including the fine.

Pope denies rumors of abdication for health reasons Pope denies rumors of abdication for health reasons

TTO – “I don’t know where they got the information that I am resigning,” Pope Francis denied the rumors in an interview broadcast on September 1. As if to prove that energy is still very abundant, he announced that he would visit a series of countries.


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