Pope urges ‘heal of divided world’

Pope Francis during the Christmas blessing expressed concern about the deep polarization in society and relations between countries.

“Our capacity for social relations is being put to the test. People increasingly tend to withdraw themselves, to do things for themselves, to stop trying to communicate with others and to act together,” Pope Francis said. December 25 shared in the message before giving the “Urbi et Orbi” blessing, speaking from the balcony of the Basilica of St. Peter of the Vatican.

During the blessing ceremony for the city of Rome and the whole world on the occasion of Christmas 2021, the Pope emphasized that the trend of “withdrawal” is also taking place on an international scale. He worries about the risk of countries refusing to dialogue, finding shortcuts to complex crises.

“Only the path of dialogue leads to the resolution of conflicts and to the lasting benefit of all,” Pope Francis said.

Pope Francis gives the Urbi et Orbi blessing after his Christmas Day message in 2021. Photo: AFP.

Pope Francis gives the “Urbi et Orbi” blessing after his Christmas Day message in 2021. Photo: AFP.

The head of the worldwide Catholic Church mentioned a series of conflicts, tensions and crises that continue around the globe, from Syria, Yemen, Israeli-Palestinian tensions, to the risk of conflict breaking out in Ukraine. . He noted that people are constantly witnessing countless crises and disagreements, seemingly endlessly lasting until the world no longer cares.

“We have become so used to them that terrible tragedies are silenced by the world. Do we hear the cries of pain and despair of so many of our brothers and sisters? “, he said.

Pope Francis prayed for a blessing “opening hearts to dialogue”. He suddenly mentioned the situation on the Russia-Ukraine border and prayed that the painful conflict would not break out for a long time.

In this year’s message, the 85-year-old pope has 11 times mentioned the phrase “dialogue”. He called on people around the world not to be indifferent to those in difficult circumstances who are in need of help and prayed for leaders of countries to make efforts to protect the environment for future generations.

This year’s Christmas blessing ceremony at the Vatican took place in the rain. International media reported that there were still hundreds of worshipers gathered in St. Peter listens to the Pope but on a much smaller scale than before the Covid-19 pandemic.

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