President Putin asked to correct mistakes in the mobilization process

The Russian president listed mistakes made during the mobilization process, such as calling the wrong person to enlist and asking his subordinates to quickly correct them.

“During this maneuver, many questions have arisen and all mistakes must be corrected and prevented from reoccurring in the future,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the Security Council on Wednesday. 9, refers to the order to mobilize troops.

The Russian leader mentioned some cases that may be postponed, such as people with many children, people with chronic diseases or those who are too old to enlist. President Putin also mentioned a number of mistakes such as sending call-ups to highly qualified doctors and specialists in many professions.

“Meanwhile, those who do not have a call card but want to volunteer to join the army are rejected,” the Russian leader said.

President Putin attended the BRICS summit on June 24.  Photo: AFP.

President Putin attended the BRICS summit on June 24. Image: AFP.

Russian President Putin on September 21 announced a mobilization order, mobilizing an additional 300,000 reservists to the Ukrainian battlefield, mostly people who had served in the army. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on September 26 admitted that there had been some mistakes in the implementation process and said that the Ministry of Defense and local leaders were working to correct them.

On September 28, the Russian government website announced that it would not issue passports to people who are enlisted in the army, amid a number of people leaving the country to avoid the order to mobilize. Russia also restricts vehicles to the border with Georgia.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, those exempted from the mobilization order include technology personnel, banks, journalists, defense industry employees, people who do not meet health standards, have at least four children or must care for a loved one with a disability. Putin also signed an exemption for students studying at national universities and vocational colleges.

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