Primary school student with bad handwriting by teacher slits his hand, shocking Chinese public opinion

The incident happened on September 9 in Longquan city, Zhejiang province (China). An elementary school student had his hand slashed by his teacher because his handwriting was not good in spelling class.

Primary school students with bad handwriting by their teacher slit their hands, shocking Chinese public opinion - Photo 1.

The baby’s arm was deeply slashed, bleeding a lot (Image cut from the clip)

The Longquan City Education Office issued a statement saying that a student at Jinxi Primary School was injured by a teacher’s inappropriate educational behavior. After the incident happened, the teacher immediately took the student to the hospital for treatment and informed the parents about his behavior.

Before the teacher’s inappropriate educational behavior, the City Department of Education held a meeting and announced the suspension of this teacher.

Primary school students with bad handwriting by their teachers caused a stir in Chinese public opinion - Photo 2.

The baby after being treated and bandaged (Image cut from the clip)

Currently, the Long Tuyen city police agency is also investigating the case and collecting evidence.

Source: Sina

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