Princess Kate and her husband are not interested in letting their children meet their daughters Harry and Meghan

The quiet royal visit of the Sussex family has attracted the attention and attention of public opinion in recent days. In particular, the fact that Princess Kate and her husband did not have any meeting with Meghan Markle’s family during the 4 days of the Platinum celebration received mixed opinions.

Royal expert Christopher Andersen told US Weekly: “Prince William and Princess Kate made no effort to let their three children meet Lilibet“.

In addition, expert Andersen added that there was still “a lot of tension” between the two princes after the Sussexes left the royal family in 2020, moved to the US to live and gave an interview to Oprah Winfrey.

As far as I know, no one can believe that William and his brother Harry talked again“, Andersen told Page Six.

Princess Kate and her husband are not interested in letting their children meet their daughters Harry and Meghan - Photo 1.

The two royal couples are not pictured together.

Earlier, major US news sites reported that the Sussexes had tried to find a way to reconcile and heal the rift by inviting their brother’s family and their children to Lilibet’s one-year-old birthday party on June 4. However, the couple Prince William – Princess Kate had a schedule to visit Wales and attend the Queen’s Platinum Celebration concert, so they refused to participate.

Although she did not meet the husband and wife, baby Lilibet met her grandfather of the same name, Queen Elizabeth II, for the first time on June 2. Harry and Meghan soon brought their daughter to visit the 96-year-old Queen right on the first day of the great ceremony and stayed at the Windsor estate. The four-day trip marks the first time the entire Sussex family has returned to the royal family since they moved to the US two years ago.

During this return trip, Harry and Meghan attended only two events of the great ceremony, but were not allowed to stand with other royal members on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch the Trooping the Colour parade. When leaving Thanksgiving at St Paul’s church on June 3, they were also criticized by the crowd around them, not very happy.

Princess Kate and her husband are not interested in letting their children meet their daughters Harry and Meghan - Photo 2.

Harry and Meghan talk to Zara Tindall’s house.

In both events, the Sussexes and their brother William did not meet face to face. In addition, there are no photos of them standing near or talking to each other. A close friend of the Sussex family also confirmed that Prince William and his wife did not have any interaction with Harry’s brother’s house.

As revealed by a royal insider to People, the Cambridges and Meghan and Harry “don’t give people a chance to speculate about their relationship” because the Platinum celebration needs to focus on the Queen of England. Harry and Meghan just chatted with their cousins ​​Zara Tindall on the church steps before leaving.

Even Prince Charles does not have any public photos with his youngest son Harry – Meghan. As Prince Charles walked past the Sussex pews in the church at Thanksgiving, he was even caught looking the other way. However, the Prince of Wales warmly welcomed Princess Kate and his wife with affectionate and close gestures.

Finally, the Sussex family of four quietly returned to the US on June 5, right before the closing event of the great ceremony took place. They travel in a private jet, Harry is seen thinking and quiet while sitting in a car in America.

Source: Page Six

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