Princess Kate suddenly “disappeared” for 60 days, without a new image, why?

Prince William has returned to work after enjoying a long summer vacation with his family. However, Princess Kate until now is still completely lost in the media.

According to 7news, the Duchess of Cambridge has not been seen for more than 60 days. The last time Princess Kate appeared in public was on July 11 when she accompanied her husband and eldest son Prince George to Wembley Stadium to support the Euro 2020 football final.

Earlier on the same day, she was at Wimbledon cheering for the men’s singles tennis final. The most recent picture of Kate on the official Instagram account was posted on August 6, but it is an old photo taken last year. So why is the mother of three “lost” in the media for so long?

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Princess Kate goes to support football with her husband and children

Many royal fans said that it is possible that Princess Kate is pregnant for the 4th time, because she suffers from severe morning sickness, so she temporarily does not appear in public, taking time to rest. This question is becoming more and more widespread when at the present time, the Duchess has not had any public activities in front of the public.

In a September 9 video interview with Today Australia, the Mirror’s royal editor, Russell Myers, explains the real reason Kate has been absent from recent public events.

Myers said: “All I can say is it’s probably nothing. I think the Duchess is not pregnant. Some questioned where is Kate? But it’s just that their family went on vacation“.

Princess Kate suddenly disappeared for 60 days, without a new image, why?  - Photo 2.

Princess Kate’s family often takes the children on vacation in the summer

The royal editor said the Cambridges’ agreement with the press was that Prince William, Kate and their three children would not be disturbed during their respite. Expert Myers went on to say: “The Cambridges regularly take their children out and they make an agreement that their children will not be followed by the media. The paparazzi let them have some alone time on vacation. The Cambridges went to Norfolk to relax and also visit the Queen in Scotland“.

I think we’ll see the Cambridges back to work in the next few days“, the royal expert added.

When asked if there was a possibility that Princess Kate would return with a “small belly”, Myers replied: “I dont know. Who knows what happens in royalty these days. Anything can happen this year. But anyway I think it’s just a rumor from a part of the public“.

Source: Express

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