Princess Kate’s delicate actions for her 3 young children were praised, implicitly responding to Meghan’s words

This week, Prince William has returned to royal duties, meeting with emergency responders, supporting the community. However, Princess Kate did not appear with her husband and has been absent from public for more than 2 months.

7News Europe office director Hugh Whitfeld said Kate had deliberately delayed her return to royal duties to spend more time with her children when they returned to school after the summer break. Accordingly, Princess Kate made the most of the last days of vacation with her children to prepare well for the new school year with them.

On September 8, Prince Louis (3 years old) returned to Willcocks Kindergarten and his two siblings also entered the new school year. Princess Kate is known as a psychological mother and always tries to give her children the most normal life possible. Therefore, like many other parents, Princess Kate wants to prepare with her children the necessary things for the first day of school.

Princess Kate's delicate actions for her 3 young children were praised, implicitly responding to Meghan's words - Photo 1.

Princess Kate’s happy family.

At the same time, the Duchess also wants to be with her children to cheer and support them mentally after a period of rest. The delay in work because of Princess Kate’s children has received much support from the public. They think that Princess Kate like the late mother-in-law Diana has always been an exemplary mother, devoted to her children.

Many opinions said that the above action of Princess Kate was partly a deep response to the previous opinion of the Sussex family about life in the royal family. Harry and Meghan say it’s a toxic environment, they need to get their children out to have a free and happy life.

However, in fact, the Cambridge family has raised their children very well and they still create an environment for their children to develop like their peers. A close friend of the Cambridge family told People that Kate’s children are all polite and happy children.

Princess Kate's delicate actions for her 3 children were praised, implicitly responding to Meghan's words - Photo 2.

Princess Kate always wants her children to develop normally like their peers.

Besides, this friend also said that the Cambridge family choosing a school for their children also focuses on teaching basic life skills and teaching them how to be kind, help and love those around them. around. In fact, the Cambridge family has let their children participate in many charity activities, support the community and receive many compliments from the public.

Source: Mirror

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