Protests against Biden’s ‘pandemic over’ declaration

A group of people with Covid-19 syndrome continued to protest outside the White House, protesting Mr. Biden’s statement that “the pandemic is over” in the US.

The nonprofit network MEAction organized a protest outside the White House on September 19. Several people with encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) lay on the sidewalk holding protest banners.

“We’ve been sick and disabled with long-lasting ME/CFS and Covid-19, but we’re here today, putting our bodies in jeopardy, to tell President Biden that the pandemic isn’t over yet. , that millions of us are still suffering after contracting the virus. We need urgent government action,” MEAction campaign director Ben HsuBoger said in a statement.

“We urge President Biden to declare ME/CFS and persistent Covid-19 syndrome a national emergency,” the statement added.

The group protested in front of the White House on September 19 to protest President Joe Biden's statement that the Covid-19 pandemic was over in the US.  Photo: DCMediaGroup.

A group of protesters in front of the White House on September 19 to protest President Joe Biden’s remarks. Image: DCMediaGroup.

Persistent Covid-19 syndrome is the term that describes patients whose symptoms persist for weeks or months after infection. ME/CFS is a chronic disease that can be acquired after nCoV infection.

According to MEAction, ME/CFS symptoms make 75% of sufferers unable to work and 25% bedridden.

Protesters demand investment in research, public education, access to treatments and economic support for people with prolonged Covid-19 illness. They also asked the government to continue with proven methods to limit the spread of Covid-19, such as the distribution of high-quality masks and ongoing federal funding for vaccinations and testing.

The protests took place after President Joe Biden announced in an interview on September 18 that the Covid-19 pandemic “is over” in the US. “No one is wearing masks anymore. Everyone is in good shape, so I think the situation is changing,” he said.

Mr Biden’s comments drew attention from public health experts and MPs, who said he was “undermining” efforts to deploy the booster shot and ensure continued funding for testing. , treatment.

MEAction activist Claudia Carrera, who was diagnosed with ME/CFS, thinks President Biden is abandoning people like her, noting minorities and low-income groups are more severely affected by the pandemic.

“Covid-19 death and disability continues to hit communities of color, Latino, Indigenous and low-income communities. We’re not in the ‘good state’ the President said and won’t be. forget the President is abandoning us when he denies the pandemic,” Carrera said.

Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease expert in the US, said the US “has not yet reached the desired state”. According to him, the pandemic will end or not depends a lot on how the country responds to future variations.

Fauci points out that nearly 3 years after the pandemic broke out, 67% of the US population had been vaccinated, half of whom had received a booster shot. He noted that the US still records more than 400 daily deaths from Covid-19, although the number has decreased from a year earlier.

“We have to live with the virus because we can’t eradicate it. We have only eradicated one virus, which is smallpox. But the situation is very different because smallpox doesn’t change over the years or decades. or even centuries,” Fauci added.

The White House has not commented on these reports.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the US recorded about 65,000 new cases of Covid-19 every day for the past two weeks. Cases are falling in most states. The projections released by the CDC say that new hospitalizations and deaths will not increase in the next month.

More than a million Americans have died from Covid-19 since the pandemic broke out in the country in early 2020. The United States and much of the world has reorganized major events over the past year, but the country still requires people. Foreigners must be fully vaccinated before entering by air.

Some countries such as Sweden, Slovenia, Cambodia have also declared the end of the Covid-19 epidemic, while some countries, such as China, still implement strict quarantine measures.

Huyen Le (Theo Hill)

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