Pyongyang criticizes US for being ‘two-faced’ in protesting North Korea’s missile test

Pyongyang criticizes the US on two sides when it opposes North Korea's missile test - Photo 1.

North Korea’s missile test on September 15 – Photo: REUTERS

North Korea’s KCNA news agency published an article criticizing the US just days after both North and South Korea carried out missile tests.

Specifically, Seoul successfully test-fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile on September 15, becoming the seventh country in the world to have this technology.

Hours earlier, North Korea had fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea.

According to AFP news agency, the US – South Korea’s treaty ally – later condemned the North’s launch.

Washington said the move “violates UN Security Council resolutions and threatens North Korea’s neighbors”, as well as other countries.

Responding in a commentary on September 17, KCNA criticized Washington for “holding a two-faced attitude” for being “silent before the move of South Korea”.

KCNA quoted international affairs analyst Kim Myong Chol as saying Washington’s “double action” was an “obstacle to the settlement of the Korean Peninsula problem and a catalyst for tension in the situation.” straighter”.

“This is the reason behind the stalemate in the negotiations between North Korea and the United States,” KCNA quoted Kim as saying.

North Korea is under international sanctions for its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. The North Korean side believes that they need to defend themselves against the threat from the US.

Nuclear negotiations between the US and North Korea have stalled since their 2019 summit in Hanoi.


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