Queen Elizabeth II’s love for the Corgi

In 1933, when Princess Elizabeth was 7 years old, she wanted to adopt a Corgi when she saw that some of her friends had the breed.

Queen Elizabeth II is known to love animals and is very fond of Corgi, a short-legged dog with a cute appearance. The Queen is said to have raised more than 30 Corgis during her reign. Corgi dogs are frequently featured in the Queen’s photos and important events.

Princess Elizabeth poses with her pet corgi in 1936 in the garden of her home at 145 Picaadilly, London.  Photo: Lisa Sheridan

Princess Elizabeth poses with her pet dog Corgi in 1936 in the garden of her home at 145 Picaadilly, London. Image: Lisa Sheridan

In 1933, the Pembroke Corgi was a herding dog familiar to many people in Pembrokershire, Wales, but relatively new to the British. When his 7-year-old daughter wanted a dog, Prince George, Duke of York, father of Princess Elizabeth, met a famous dog breeder named Thelma Gray and brought back three puppies for Elizabeth to choose.

They chose a small Corgi and named it Kim Rozavel Eagle, because it was the only one with a tail (Pembroke Corgis are often tailless or have their tails cut off at an early age). Princess Elizabeth’s family wanted to know when the dog was happy by the way it wagged its tail. The dog later became known as Dookie. It often bites maids and guests, but the Queen of England still pampers it.

A few years later, Princess Elizabeth’s family adopted another dog, Lady Jane, also from Gray’s breeding farm. Christmas 1936. The Book The Princess and the Dog published, filled with pictures of dogs posing for pictures with members of the British royal family, just days before King Edward VIII, his brother George, abdicated and he ascended the throne, becoming King George VI.

A childhood love of Corgi dogs led to a “Corgi dynasty” under the Queen’s reign. The top dog is Susan, a birthday present Elizabeth received at the age of 18. Susan gave birth to Honey and Sugar. Since then, the Corgi family has expanded to dozens of children descended from Susan, including Dorgis – a cross between a Corgi and a Dachshund. Susan even went on a honeymoon with the Queen and Prince Philip in Scotland.

The Queen and her husband, their three children and corgi, have a picnic outside Balmmoral Castle in Scotland on September 8, 1960.  Photo: AFP

The Queen and her husband, their three children and their Corgi dog, have a picnic outside Balmmoral Castle in Scotland on September 8, 1960. Image: AFP

According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, the dogs eat beef, lamb, rabbit, and chicken. “The queen will feed them herself after drinking tea,” McGrady said in an interview with Hello! in April.

The Queen spends a lot of time taking care of the dogs. After her death, photographer Annie Leibovitz shared a moment of her with the dogs at Windsor Castle. “The Queen walks with her dog every day,” Libovitz posted the photo with the caption on Twitter.

The Corgi gets to ride in the same limousine with her, and even board a private plane. At Buckingham Palace, they have “a private room with padded baskets inside” in the Queen’s resting area, Penny Junior writes in the book. All The Queen’s CorgisDiana King, former president of the Corgi Breeders Association, said the Queen prefers dogs with a deep red coat, “without too much white”.

In 1968, an aggressive Corgi dog bitten a postman to Balmoral Castle, prompting politician Peter Doig to ask the Queen’s staff to put up a “Beware of bad dogs” sign outside her residence. In 1999, Buckingham Palace is said to have fined an employee for allegedly pouring alcohol into a dog’s food and drink bowls and then enjoying watching them get drunk. Sun cited a source.

Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle in 1952. Photo: UPI.

Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle in 1952. Photo: UPI.

Corgi dogs often appear in events honoring the Queen. In 2002, on the 50th anniversary of the Queen’s reign, Britain released a new coin with a picture of the Queen and her pet dog. The two dogs are also featured in a video played at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London, in which the Queen appeared with Daniel Craig as James Bond.

The Queen has refused to adopt more dogs since the mid-2020s because she does not want to leave them behind after her death. However, she agreed to raise two more children in 2021, shortly before Prince Philip died and experienced the loss of another child a few weeks later.

The Queen leaves behind at least 4 pets, including two Corgis, a Cocker Spaniel and a Dorgi hybrid. The two Corgis will be passed on to Prince Andrew as they were a gift he gave his mother and promised her he would take care of them if she died. It is not clear who will raise the other two children.

During his first speech as King last weekend, Mr Charles displayed a vase with a Corgi ornament on his desk. “What a subtle tribute,” one person commented.

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