QUICK READ 11-3: Russia says it destroyed 3,213 Ukrainian military facilities

QUICK READ 11-3: Russia says it destroyed 3,213 Ukrainian military facilities - Photo 1.

Firefighters attend a building that was badly damaged on March 11 after an air strike in the Novokodatsky district of the city of Dnipro in central Ukraine – Photo: REUTERS

* On March 11, Russian news agencies quoted Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov as saying that the Russian army had launched a long-range attack on two military airports in the Ukrainian cities of Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk. causing both of them to stop working.

Mr. Konashenkov more information Russian forces destroyed 3,213 Ukrainian military facilities since the start of a special military operation in this neighboring country, according to Reuters news agency.

* CNN channeled a video Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Posted on Facebook at the end of March 10 (local time) denying that this country is preparing to carry out a chemical attack. He said no chemical weapons or weapons of mass destruction have been developed in Ukraine.

* White House confirmed US President Joe Biden will announce more sanctions against Russia at 10:15 on March 11, around 10:15 pm Vietnam time, according to Reuters.

Reuters also cited sources as saying that Biden will make a call to end normal trade relations with Russia on March 11, paving the way for increased tariffs on Russian imports.

QUICK READ 11-3: Russia says it destroyed 3,213 Ukrainian military facilities - Photo 2.

Ukrainian forces practice throwing petrol bombs in Kiev on March 10 – Photo: REUTERS

* Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said the situation in Ukraine was “serious” and Beijing is willing to help play an “active role” in achieving peace. He also said that the current sanctions against Russia are hurting the world economy and benefiting no one.

* Group of the world’s leading industrialized countries G7 failed to reach consensus on embargo on Russian oil supplies. The group only said that some countries have announced the measure, while others are working to strengthen energy self-sufficiency. Earlier, the US and UK announced a ban on oil imports from Russia.

Instead, the G7 called on major oil and gas producing countries to increase deliveries to reduce the impact of many countries’ sanctions against Russia, especially highlighting the role of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. (OPEC), according to AFP news agency.

QUICK READ 11-3: Russia says it destroyed 3,213 Ukrainian military facilities - Photo 3.

Soldiers stand guard behind barricades erected in the Ukrainian city of Odessa on March 10 – Photo: REUTERS

* According to the Guardian, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the US has seen information about the Russia wants to seize assets of international companies stop operating in this countryand this “will ultimately lead to more severe economic consequences for Russia”.

Earlier in his speech on March 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin also said that he was open to the possibility of nationalizing the assets of Western companies withdrawing from Russia. “We need to act decisively on these [công ty] Closed production. If necessary, hand over these businesses to those who want to work,” Putin said.

* The United Nations Security Council (UN) will hold an emergency meeting on March 11 at Russia’s request regarding the alleged development of biological weapons in Ukraine, according to Reuters.

On March 9, Russia accused the US of funding research and development of biological weapons in Ukraine. The US and Kiev denied this information, saying that Moscow was spreading fake news. Washington warned to the contrary that Russia could use biological weapons in Ukraine.

QUICK READ 11-3: Russia says it destroyed 3,213 Ukrainian military facilities - Photo 4.

Photo provided by the Ukrainian military on March 10 with the caption Ukrainian soldiers are checking ammunition boxes obtained from Russia – Photo: AFP

* According to US estimates, Russian troops advanced 3km on March 10, near the Hostomel airport area northwest of the capital Kiev. Russian forces continued their “advancement” along two parallel lines outside Kiev with the closest point being just 40km from the Ukrainian capital.

* In an update on the military situation in Ukraine on March 10, The British Ministry of Defense predicts that Russia will reinforce forces in Ukraine in the near future.

“Due to the strong resistance of Ukraine, it is possible that Russian forces will be reinforced to encircle important cities in Ukraine. This will reduce the number of forces available to continue the offensive and will further slow down Russia’s advance,” Reuters news agency quoted an updated report.

* In the interview with the newspaper The time (Virtue), Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced he is still in Kiev and it is no secret. The Ukrainian leader also called on the West to tighten sanctions to put more pressure on Russia.

“If the recent sanctions are enough, the Russian attack is over. You continue to buy oil and gas from Russia. Tighten the sanctions even more because that’s the right thing to do.” , Mr. Zelensky urged.

QUICK READ 11-3: Russia says it destroyed 3,213 Ukrainian military facilities - Photo 5.

Many Kharkov residents left their homes and hid under the subway station to avoid shelling in this photo taken on March 10 – Photo: AFP

* The head of the Russian Center for Defense Control, Mr. Mikhail Mizintsev, announced the The humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of civilians from Ukraine to Russia will be opened daily at 10 a.m. local time next to other corridors in coordination with Kiev.

“We guarantee complete security on the territories controlled by the Russian Armed Forces,” Mizintsev said. In the immediate future, Russia will open humanitarian corridors for people in Kiev, Chernigov, Sumy, Kharkov and Mariupol to come to Russia from 10:00 am on March 11 (local time).

According to the agreement with the Ukrainian side, Russia also guarantees the departure of the above cities towards other Ukrainian cities. Specifically from Sumy to Poltava, from Kharkov to Lviv, Uzhhorod, and Ivano-Frankivsk, and Chernigov to southern Ukraine.

* To eliminate the possibility of Ukrainian intelligence infiltrating the evacuees, convoys are only allowed to pass through checkpoints on the humanitarian corridor if available. list of passengers and accompanying officials.

This list must be provided in advance and only the accompanying official and International Red Cross staff may keep cell phones. Other mobile devices will be checked, and this will be mandatory from March 11, according to Mizintsev.

This regulation, according to the Russian side, is intended to avoid “provocative” actions and collect intelligence on the Russian military, according to the Interfax news agency.

According to statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, by the end of March 10, there were more than 400,000 Ukrainians have been evacuatedmostly people in the war zones.

QUICK READ 11-3: Russia says it destroyed 3,213 Ukrainian military facilities - Photo 6.

Documentary photo of Ukraine’s Kharkov Institute of Technology and Physics – Screenshot

* Russia’s Interfax news agency reported Firefighters extinguished the blaze at a five-story building near the Kharkov Institute of Technology and Physics. According to Anton Gerashchenko, an official at Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, the research facility “has a source of radiation” but is used for scientific purposes.

Reuters news agency earlier quoted the announcement of Ukraine’s parliament accused the Russian military of attacking the Kharkov Institute of Technology and Physics, where there is an experimental nuclear reactor. The attack sparked a fire at a housing complex near the research institute, and casualties are unknown.

In a post on Twitter on the morning of March 11, the Ukrainian parliament said fighting was still going on near the research institute.

The Russian side had earlier accused Ukrainian nationalists of preparing a “staged” provocation by blowing up an explosion at the research institute and blaming Russia.

* During a press conference on the morning of March 11 (Vietnam time), US State Department spokesman Ned Price called on Russia to allow civilians to leave Ukrainian cities safely.

According to Mr. Price, after bombarding important infrastructure, the Russian military is closing the siege of many cities and has clearly failed to defeat quickly in Ukraine.

CNN quoted a senior US defense official as saying there were signs that Russia was sending troops back to the city of Sumy while Chernigov was besieged. Also according to this official, Russia has conducted 775 rocket launches types from February 24 to present.

* In the notice sent to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on March 10, Ukraine expressed concern when it lost all contact with the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (which was abandoned).

The IAEA earlier said it had also lost data transmissions from both Chernobyl and Europe’s largest Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Both of these plants are under Russian control.

The loss of transmission from Chernobyl occurred after a power outage in the area. The Russian Defense Ministry later said it had agreed to send a team of repairmen to Chernobyl to restore power lines, according to Interfax.

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