Radiohead is about to hold an exclusive event on the Epic Games Store

Radiohead will be releasing an interactive digital exhibition to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the group’s popular Kid A and Amnesiac albums. Announced during Sony’s State of Play event, the event is set to launch in November exclusively for the Epic Games Store and is also coming to PS5.
The Kid A Mnesia exhibition is a collaboration between namethemachine studio and Epic Games, with Radiohead celebrities Stanley Donwood and Nigel Godrich in charge of art and sound design, respectively. And, of course, there will be tracks from the two aforementioned Radiohead albums.
Radiohead is about to hold an exclusive event on the Epic Games Store - photo 1

The trailer is reminiscent of the artwork that accompanies those albums in the early 2000s, with Donwood’s work painted on rough cement walls. No information has been released about the event’s ticket prices or engagement yet.

It is likely that fans will experience the adventure of wandering in the art space while enjoying the songs from the 2 albums. This isn’t the first time the artist has released a game for a new album, for example Gatekeeper’s 2012 EXO LP comes with a game that features a weird first-person environment.

As for the two Radiohead albums, it is likely that they will be re-released along with a series of previously undisclosed documents on November 7 of this year on the Epic Games Store, which is expected to be the date the exhibition will begin.


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