Rainbow Six Siege updates Resident Evil Leon S. Kennedy skin

Resident Evil’s Leon S. Kennedy recently appeared in Rainbow Six Siege as an elite skin of the character Lion.
Featuring Leon’s unmistakable look from Resident Evil 4 (minus his cool jacket), Lion’s Leon outfit includes all the essentials for fighting zombies – a shirt liner, a knife, fancy weapon holster and lots of ammo pouches. Since Lion’s special skill is a drone that can be used three times per round to reveal the location of a moving enemy, the character’s drone will also receive a corresponding skin update. .
Rainbow Six Siege updated Resident Evil's Leon S. Kennedy skin - photo 1
Complete elite skin pack including headgear, uniform, victory animation, drone skins, charms and weapon skins for V308, 417, SG-CQB, P9 and LFP86. This is not the first crossover skin of Rainbow Six Siege and Resident Evil. Earlier this year, Ubisoft added the Jill Valentine skin for operator Zofia, whereby the character wears Jill’s iconic STARS uniform as in the original Resident Evil. We can only hope the next Resident Evil Village skin is Chris Redfield.

Leon most recently appeared in the new Netflix exclusive CGI series, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, whose storyline takes place between the events of Resident Evil 4 and 5. For Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft recently revealed reveals all the new content and upcoming changes with which the title is part of the Crystal Guard campaign, which will feature the addition of the game’s first transgender moderator – attacker Osa. Not content to let Resident Evil have a monopoly on the fun of killing zombies, Rainbow Six will also venture into the horror genre with an upcoming co-op-focused spinoff – Rainbow Six Extraction, slated for release this month. 1 year 2022.


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