Razer Hammerhead TWS 2021 – Bringing RGB to a mobile gaming headset

The Hammerhead range was first introduced in 2019, and quickly won the hearts of gamers worldwide thanks to its stylish design and good sound quality. Through many processes of improvement and upgrade, the Razer Hammerhead TWS version 2021 brings both sound quality and diverse features to users, most especially integrated RGB lighting for discerning gamers.

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A few notable features of the Razer Hammerhead TWS 2021 are active noise cancellation (ANC), a low-latency gamer mode, and a soft cushion for continuous use for a long time.

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And most importantly, the 16.8 million-color RGB lighting system is compatible with Razer’s Chroma RGB technology. Gamers can change different lighting effects, and the three-headed snake logo will start dancing. This is the point that helps users stand out from the crowd.

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When first connected to the phone, the Razer Hammerhead TWS 2021 will default to using a gentle gradient effect. If you want to use more effects, you must install the Razer Chroma RGB app on Android or iOS – unlike the Razer Audio app for customizing EQ bands for audio strips and changing commands on touch.

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The basic effects of the headset include:

Dance to the music: The RGB lights react in sync with the music being played. You can enable this effect with just 1 color, or take advantage of the full range of colors the system can display.
Strobe: The light strobe effect can be switched back and forth between 2 selected colors or customized so that each time the light is on, a new color appears.
Kaleidoscope: The headphones gently switch between a range of 16.8 million colors.
Static: The RGB light will light up to the color you choose at any time.

When opening the box, the brightness of the light is set to 50% by default, which is enough to attract attention – especially when you wear it at night. If you often use it outdoors, the RGB light will be a good helper for you if you drop it on the road. In dark areas, you will easily detect the Razer Hammerhead 2021. With the ANC and RGB lights turned off, the headset can work for 7 hours continuously. Enabling RGB will cut the usage time down to 6 hours, and ANC will cut the usage time by 1 more hour. 5 hours of continuous use with all the most modern features enabled is an acceptable amount of time in a high-end TWS headset.

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The Razer Audio app allows you to fully customize the tonal range on your headphones, from bass enhancement to vocal highlighting. The touch commands of the Razer Hammerhead TWS 2021 can also be customized to your liking. By default, 1 touch to pause/play music, 2 taps to skip, 3 taps to go back to the previous track, or touch and hold to turn ANC on/off.

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In terms of design, the Hammerhead TWS 2021 has a similar appearance to Razer’s more expensive Pro version. The driver is designed to be long and large to provide good sound quality, but at the same time does not cause discomfort for gamers when worn for a long time. Inside the product box are cushions with different sizes to change to suit the user’s ear texture. The weight of the headset is also quite light compared to the size.

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The design of the speaker compartment helps the Razer Hammerhead TWS 2021 fit more closely to the ear, and at the same time is good at soundproofing, making the ANC mode when activated more effective. Regarding the noise-canceling experience, the ANC feature on the headphones rounded the shoulders. Active noise cancellation is not as superior as the seniors in the headphone segment from 6 to 8 million, but it is sure to satisfy any fastidious user. Razer also integrates water and sweat resistance with IPX4 standards so gamers can use it outdoors, while exercising or walking.

Game mode on the Razer Hammerhead TWS 2021 reduces the audio delay to 60ms, which is enough to synchronize the picture and sound. But when activated, gamers need to place the headset close to the mobile device to optimize performance, and Razer recommends at a distance of half a meter. In terms of connectivity, the headset uses the Bluetooth 5.2 standard, and there are no problems in both distance and stability.

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Although there is no THX certification like on the Pro version, the sound quality of the device is still very good. The detail and clarity in the sound bands are reproduced relatively faithfully and vividly. The bass range is impressive with strong and deep bass, while the mid and high ranges are quite bright. Besides playing games, gamers can also use headphones for their needs to listen to Rock and Acoustic music. In the film segment, the Razer Hammerhead TWS 2021 stops at the level of rounding the shoulder, fully reproducing the sound details in the movie, but does not have the accuracy as expected. Anyway, the product does its job well – mobile gaming. In game mode, not only is the audio delay reduced, but the reproduction of audio streams is also very effective. Gamers can separate the sound of smoke, bullets and bombs exploding as well as human voices easily, from the smallest details. The built-in microphone on the Razer Hammerhead TWS 2021 filters noise well, even in noisy environments, transmits clear audio signals, and of course, has low latency.

The Razer Hammerhead TWS 2021 won’t be an option for everyone. Some users will find the RGB lighting to be “indecent”. However, it is a unique difference that loyal users will enjoy. The sound quality of the headset is not in the highest group, but it is enough for the vast majority of gamers’ needs and desires.


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