Razer introduces Kaira Pro headset that provides bass for PS5

According to Theverge, in contrast to the Xbox versions with a piece of breathable mesh fabric, the PS5 models have a color scheme that swaps to white/black bands and a leatherette covering the earcups.

Razer introduces Kaira Pro headset that provides bass for PS5 - photo 1

Kaira headset series promises to bring an engaging experience for PS5 gamers

Kaira Pro Edition comes with HyperSense feedback that provides jittery experiences to make games and other player content more immersive. Razer recently announced that the feature will be coming to the new (similarly priced) Kraken V3 Pro that the company will be making to support PlayStation platforms, in addition to PCs and the Nintendo Switch. HyperSense feedback promises a great experience when combined with the 3D audio technology that Sony brings to the PS5.

Razer claims they’ve embedded 50mm TriForce drivers in titanium to enhance the sound quality in the Kaira Pro. Gamers will also get the HyperClear supercardioid microphone with the Kaira Pro compared to the cardioid microphone in the standard Kaira version.


In addition to the perks that come with Kaira Pro, these headphones have a few things in common like a SmartSwitch wireless feature that allows them to connect to a 2.4GHz dongle or low-latency Bluetooth and a 3.5mm jack for listening mode. Wired. Both include a HyperSpeed ​​USB-C audio transmitter, with a USB-A adapter providing wider compatibility, very handy for users to be able to use the PS5’s front-panel USB-A port for a other accessories.

It is known that the headset market for PlayStation is also heating up when recently SteelSeries also launched the $ 169.99 Arctis 7P Plus headset model that supports USB-C charging and better battery life. However, the Kaira series promises superiority if players want dual wireless connectivity via 2.4GHz and Bluetooth. Razer’s headphones will begin accepting pre-orders on November 30, and are expected to ship in December.


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