“Real-life Barbie in Russia” once caused controversy because it looked like an unbelievable doll and had a strange bare face without make-up.

Some people choose plastic surgery to try to improve their appearance, but Russian model Valeria Lukyanova chose it for a complete makeover, from A to Z. Valeria became famous for her doll-like look. Barbie circa 2013. It all started when she won the global beauty contest “Miss Diamond Crown of the World”.

Later, she also appeared in a number of documentaries and magazines. Many newspapers have reported on her “surreal” appearance. From a face edited like a real doll to a standard “hourglass” body, Valeria overall makes it impossible for people around or the public to pass by without being curious, wondering where it is. appeared such a perfect doll-like girl.

Valeria Lukyanova is called “real life Barbie doll” by the media

Her “surreal” and doll-like appearance makes many people look back with curiosity

In fact, when many people started to know, social media accounts all had a certain number of followers, Valeria’s special appearance became a hot topic of discussion. The media called her a prime example of society’s expectation of perfect beauty.

There are people who admire and love Valeria’s beauty, but also many people feel terrified and ridiculed when the girl chooses to turn herself into a doll. “She looks not only ugly but also ridiculous,” a writer. “A woman with socksi perfect traits is a boring woman”, another opinion said.

If you just look at the picture, many people will think this is a doll and not an ordinary girl

Even Valeria’s body is always questioned. People assume that the young girl resorted to plastic surgery or photoshop to enhance her ant waist. But on this matter, Valeria denies it completely, she asserts that her body is not a “work” of cutlery. She said she only had breast implants. Other parts of the body with the same perfect measurements are completely natural as well as thanks to special training and strict diets.

Her hourglass figure and ant waist make many people suspicious

Controversial diet

It is clear that location, plastic surgery and lifestyle play an important role in keeping Lukyanova’s eye-catching appearance. With diet, Valeria is extremely strict with herself. Almost, She only eats fresh food. “I really like all the vegetables and especially the regular broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. I like to make salads. I also love nuts, but I don’t eat a lot because they are very rich. calories. For fruit, I like grapefruit and apples best.”

In 2014, Valeria shocked the world when she announced that she wanted to live by “breathism”, that is, living only by light and air. People who breathe and believe that food and water are not necessary for survival are often called spiritual sects. Fortunately, Valeria stopped this dangerous experiment after a while. “I still want to do breathasticism someday. But I’m so far away from it right now, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to.”, she explained.

Sometimes she also “hidden” about a more authentic, rustic look behind the perfect “mask” of a beautiful Barbie doll, surprising fans. Many people commented, Valeria is different but closer every time she takes off her thick makeup. It is also understandable, because the previous image she built was a beautiful, lifeless Barbie doll in many people’s childhood memories, incredibly surreal.

Without proper make-up, Valeria becomes closer and more authentic

Valeria also once shared her views on the appearance and definition of beauty quite attractive: “For me, beauty is harmony of lines. Delicate and sweet. Harmony of outside and inside. It is sincerity, kindness, strength and generosity that come from within. . All these qualities are inspiring and it changes your appearance. It’s a charm.”

Her bright smile and gentle make-up make her a completely different girl

After nearly a decade of popularity on social networks, Valeria is currently at the age of 29 working as a model and entertainer in Moscow, Russia. She is also a composer, an opera singer, and has recorded two music albums. In 2017, she starred in “The Doll” alongside other celebrities such as Mindy Robinson and Ron Jeremy.

Valeria is now married to Dmitry Shkrabov, a Ukrainian businessman and childhood friend. When asked if her husband is ever angry or tired of his wife being a celebrity and getting a lot of attention. Curious not, she said: “No, he’s fine with it. He considers it my aesthetic standard. He’s perfectly fine with it.” She said that not only her husband but also her family supported and supported her wholeheartedly on the path she had chosen.

Source: Newsner, Instagram NV

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