Reasons to replace iPad

Apple typically supports new iPads with iPadOS updates for at least 5 years. Most iPad models have good performance, features, and storage during this time period, which means 5 years is the standard lifespan for any iPad.

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iPad performance will degrade over time

Too slow

Every consumer electronic device gets slower over time. This happens as the basic requirements for apps and websites increase over time, memory requirements, internet data bandwidth, processing power… Besides, if you compare the old iPad with Newer iPads, users may see a difference in speed.

Out of memory

Many iPads only have 64 GB of internal storage, even some older iPads have only 32 GB or 16 GB. That would greatly limit the ability to store large apps like games or movie downloads.

Users can fix the problem by uploading data to iCloud, deleting podcasts or rarely used apps, but that’s only temporary because users can’t upgrade the iPad’s limited storage. Buying a new iPad with more storage is the only way to solve the problem.

Missing the latest features

Most iPad generations come with a new feature that makes it appealing to older iPad owners. For example, it supports Face ID, Apple Pencil, Apple Pay or 5G network data.

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New generations of iPad are provided with many advanced features such as 5G network


While rarely needed, these features are often a good reason to buy a new iPad because they can’t be upgraded on an older iPad. At this point, users can choose to upgrade, especially when they want to use features that they are familiar with, such as Face ID, which offers an iPhone-like experience.

Damaged or abnormal operation

iPad’s lifespan can be affected by issues like faulty Wi-Fi, damaged Lightning port, or cracked screen. Apple stores and authorized repair centers can repair some components of the iPad, thereby extending its life.

However, the price of an iPad repair can be close to that of buying a new device. For example, the basic iPad screen replacement fee is $199, and goes up to $599 for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Basically, the cost to repair an old iPad is often high and not as effective as replacing it with a new one.

Outdated Wi-Fi or mobile data connection

Nearly everything a user does on an iPad will involve an internet connection, so a fast connection is key to a good experience. Early iPad models supported the Wi-Fi 802.11n standard, or Wi-Fi 4. While it was pretty good at the time, it’s now behind Wi-Fi 6. Upgrading to the new iPad will make a big improvement. Experience streaming or downloading large apps or files on a Wi-Fi network.

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Fast data connection makes accessing internet content faster

Same goes for cellular data, where early iPads only supported 3G networks. Many carriers are also starting to consider shutting down 3G networks, making these iPad models obsolete.

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