Recall but can’t fix it, Toyota buys back the customer’s faulty car

Summoned but could not be repaired, Toyota bought back the customer's faulty car - Photo 1.

Up to about 2,800 Toyota bZ4X reported a loose wheel screw error – Photo: AutoEvolution

In fact, the Toyota bZ4X has been widely available since the second quarter of this year, with good initial feedback both in terms of vehicle design and equipment.

Toyota has pledged to soon ramp up production of electric vehicles to increase the coverage of the new name line as well as other product models (such as the bZ5 sedan) in the future, but they need to get rid of a strange bug first.

Many Toyota bZ4X cars have received customer feedback that the wheel fixing screws are loose, causing the wheel to fall off. Nearly a month ago, the company decided to recall the car to fix the error but could not solve this elementary problem because… there was no way to fix this error.

Summoned but could not be repaired, Toyota bought the customer's faulty car - Photo 2.

Toyota only knows that the wheel screws are likely to become loose when the car is “operating under severe conditions”, but cannot find the cause or try to recreate this part themselves – Photo: AutoEvolution

With a famous brand as “stone pot”, this is an unacceptable mistake. Toyota is now advising bZ4X users temporarily… not to use the car, and at the same time introduced an unprecedented solution in many previous markets: buy back the car if the user wants to return the car.

The company also supports up to 5,000 USD/person in case the car is a rental car, as well as free car rental if the rental car is genuine.

Toyota accepts to pay all costs related to electricity for rental cars.

The vehicle warranty period is extended for an unspecified period, as long as the recall process until the company finds a solution to overcome the above error.

According to a reference on the Reddit r/BZ4X forum, it seems that these electric vehicle owners mostly choose the $5,000 support package and wait for the company to fix the error.

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