Retaining talent by helping students get married controversially in China

Retaining talent by supporting students to get married controversially in China - Photo 1.

Anhui province of China announced a plan to support marriage for university students to keep talents – Illustration: VCG

With the aim of preventing talented people from leaving their province, on September 13, Anhui province, a province of 61 million people in eastern China, announced a plan to implement a project. Marriage support project for college students, according to the newspaper Global Times.

The Anhui Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Administration came up with the plan in response to a proposal to “retain university students” by Mr. Li Yu Yun, a provincial political adviser. An Huy.

The agency said it will carry out a series of activities such as “organize online dating, strengthen guidance for women’s associations at all levels, publish magazines on topics such as love, marriage and family, create opportunities for university students in Anhui province to communicate continue and improve the probability of a successful marriage”.

In addition to the marriage support project, the agency will organize a job fair for students, encourage institutions to apply more flexible and effective measures to attract talents, and implement subsidy policies. for graduates who want to work in public administration and social services at the community level, and provides affordable accommodation for graduates…

Immediately, the above information sparked a lively discussion on Chinese social media about the important factors for retaining talent.

“To retain talent needs to rely on jobs, environment and house prices. Stop acting like a trafficker,” one net user commented below the newspaper’s post. Pengpai Xunwen on Weibo.

Another net user wrote: “Should the government retain talent by getting married? I think we should rely on the employment factor.”

Some users on Weibo also criticized Anhui province’s way of doing things, saying that the project was actually aimed at a different issue, as reflected in some comments such as “Probably to increase the marriage rate!”, “Because birth rate without any tricks”…


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