Revealing beautiful living room decoration tips

Transform a shared space with texture

If you live in a rental apartment or simply have a small space, take inspiration from the things around you, using tricks to make the room appear larger. Remember that size is not everything, you can cleverly choose furniture, round blocks combined with squares or cylinders. This will create variety as well as create depth for the room.

Decorating the coffee table

Instead of decorating your coffee table with stacked vintage books, choose something strange and unique. You can place on the countertop a collection of classic planters that both enhance and combine formal, traditional elements in the space as well as modern elements for a fun pop of color. and eclectic.

Replace recliner with sofa

Using a sofa or couch will help you save space in your room. They have a lower back profile, which helps prevent visual disruption and also keeps the space feeling open.

Neutralize colors

If you don’t like fancy decorations or bold colors, use elegant palettes. Instead of choosing all black and white, you should consider neutralizing the colors through the selection of furniture such as tables, sofas, throw pillows and artwork.

Add a pop of color

If you’re using classic green grass wallpaper, floor lamps, and curtains to set the stage for a traditional living room, you can add some unexpected edgy elements. The floral sofa and green coffee table is an interesting idea.

Incorporating indoor plants

Fill your empty corners with large potted indoor plants and plants. You should use a variety of species to create appeal for homes of different heights and shapes. Trees are the element that helps your home become fresh and full of life.

Design according to your home location

Before you start decorating your living room, remember where you are. For example, if you live in an ordinary house on the beach, your design scheme will look very different from a cramped urban apartment. From there, you have the right decoration for the area as well as creating the necessary protective elements for your room.

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