Revealing the mysterious cause of death of the Pop idol

Page Daily Mail on September 10, information from the Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office – USA announced that Darius Campbell Danesh had inhaled ethyl chloride. The toxic effects from anesthesia and suffocation are the cause of death of this “Pop idol”.

Darius Campbell Danesh’s death is believed to be accidental. Earlier, the police said there were no unusual signs or suspicious circumstances after preliminary examination of the scene.

Darius Campbell Danesh died at his apartment in Rochester, Minnesota – USA on August 16, at the age of 41.

Revealing the mysterious cause of death of the Pop idol - Photo 2.

Darius Campbell Danesh dies aged 41

Immediately upon hearing the news of Darius Campbell Danesh’s death, many people expressed their condolences and memorials for him.

Nicki Chapman wrote: “We will only have one Darius Campbell Danesh! A man with a kind soul and mischievous eyes”. Actor Sanjeev Bhaskar praised the warmth and talent of Darius Campbell Danesh.

Producer Simon Cowell said: “I first saw Darius Campbell Danesh on television more than 20 years ago and got to know him well. He’s charismatic, funny and a wonderful person to be with. It is a tragedy to leave someone so young like him. My heart goes out to his family and friends.”

Darius Campbell Danesh has a Scottish mother and Iranian father. He became famous since 2011 when he covered the song “Baby one more time“by Britney Spears on the reality show”pop stars“In 2012, he joined the show”Pop idol” (Pop Idol) and took 3rd place overall.

To date, he has 2 studio albums, his debut single for two consecutive weeks topping the UK music charts.

In addition to being a singer, Darius Campbell Danesh also acted in many musicals such as: “Chicago”, “Funny Girl”, “Gone with the Wind”… Besides, he is also a musician and film producer.

Revealing the mysterious cause of death of the Pop idol - Photo 3.

Cause of death has been announced

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