Runner-up Bao Ngoc reported ‘good news’ after 2 days of lost luggage in Egypt

This morning (September 28), on her personal page, Bao Ngoc suddenly announced “good news” to her fans that she had received all her luggage after 2 days of being lost when she arrived in Egypt. Accordingly, the beauty said: “Ngoc’s marbles have returned to Ngoc after a long flight, put on music and prepare to fight 100%.”

Runner-up Bao Ngoc announced the good news after 2 days of lost luggage in Egypt - Photo 2.

Bao Ngoc shared that when her luggage was lost, she and the whole team almost “lost eating and sleeping”. She said: “When I landed at Sharm El Sheikh airport, it was a moment of relief for Ngoc and the whole team, because everyone was worried about whether she passed safely or not. With a sigh of relief, when it came to the story of luggage, Ngoc’s smile seemed to extinguish when she did not see her 4 red babies and one big baby in the dark. I also tried to stay calm as before, but I really couldn’t rest in my heart, because Ngoc knew that this was not only her own luggage but the whole team’s effort.”

On June 26, runner-up Bao Ngoc left for Egypt to compete at the Miss Intercontinental 2022 (Miss Intercontinental) contest. Although the training time is very urgent, Bao Ngoc is still determined to bring the highest achievements to Vietnam.

In the previous post, Bao Ngoc also thanked the beauties of Australia, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Mexico for lending her a costume for 2 days when her luggage was lost. The hearts of the contestants in the contest received praise from the Vietnamese audience.

Runner-up Bao Ngoc announced the good news after 2 days of lost luggage in Egypt - Photo 3.

Runner-up Bao Ngoc was born in 2001, from Can Tho. She has body measurements of 87-63-98 cm. Bao Ngoc is currently a student at the International Faculty, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, achieving IELTS 8.0. She said: “In my opinion, appearance is not the most important factor of a beautiful person, but it is necessary to have more heart and intelligence.”

She has experience because she competed in Miss Vietnam 2020, entered the top 22. When she arrived at Miss World Vietnam 2022, Bao Ngoc showed an improvement in all skills. Over the past year, Bao Ngoc has had the opportunity to meet many people, attend fashion events, and learn new things. From the beginning, she didn’t put much emphasis on winning or losing, with whom to compete, just focused on doing what she wanted.

Bao Ngoc won the most important secondary award “Beauty of Mercy”, straight into the top 5 behavior. In addition, she also won the contest “Fashion Beauty”, entered the top 6 “Beautiful beauty”, the top 5 “talented beauty”.

She said the title of 1st runner-up is suitable for her current self. She has a bit of regret when she misses the opportunity to compete at Miss World 2022. However, Bao Ngoc believes that with her personal efforts, she will have the opportunity to come to an international beauty contest./.

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