Runner-up Trinh Kim Chi teaches her children the OLD way: People praise and criticize but look at her children and admire

Trinh Kim Chi (SN 1971) is a famous actor in Vietnam. She was the 2nd runner-up at the Miss Vietnam pageant in 1994 when she was a student at the Faculty of Acting, University of Theater and Cinema, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. After the competition, she became famous as an actress and theater artist. Trinh Kim Chi has appeared in films such as: The Great War, The Wind of the Market, After the Light, etc. In 2015, she was awarded the title of Meritorious Artist.

In 2000, Trinh Kim Chi married overseas Vietnamese businessman Tuan Phuong. Up to now, she lives happily with her husband and two daughters, Khanh Ngan and Khanh Vy. Despite her busy work, she always spends time taking care of her home. Trinh Kim Chi has been praised many times by the audience for having a sophisticated and scientific method of educating children.

Runner-up Trinh Kim Chi teaches her children the OLD way: People praise others, but look at her children and admire - Photo 1.

Runner-up Trinh Kim Chi.


Many people commented that the two “princesses” of Trinh Kim Chi’s family grew up to be more beautiful, gentle, and more like her mother. In particular, Khanh Ngan – the eldest daughter of the actress has a very good 3-year high school record. She used to be one of 3 students selected by the school to participate in the citywide Olympic competition in 2019. Khanh Ngan is currently studying at RMIT University – one of the high-quality schools in Vietnam.

In educating her children, she once shared that her daughter inherited “heredity” from her mother because she always set an example for her children from the smallest things such as lifestyle and thinking. From a young age, the actress was always reminded by her mother of the four words “public, dung, language, and happiness”.

Runner-up Trinh Kim Chi teaches her children the OLD way: People praise and criticize but look at her children and admire - Photo 2.

The actress’s happy family.

Many people believe that such a view of parenting is no longer relevant in today’s modern society. But the actress said that, in any era, girls also need to educate the four words “public, dung, language, and happiness”.

Later, when raising her daughter, Trinh Kim Chi especially emphasized the word “happiness”. The actress said: “When I had a daughter, I also focused on that. Among the things that make a girl’s virtue, I care about teaching her to become an emotional, sincere and responsible person.

“I think women need such standards all the time. I have never given a theory or asked my child to become this or that person. I just remind and guide my child from the smallest things. I remember when I was a kid, once when Ngo (Khanh Ngan) asked me, why do I see everyone smiling at my mother when I go out? smile, surely everyone will laugh with you.”

In order for the children to instill what the mother taught, Trinh Kim Chi often through conversations like a child’s friend. Before going to bed 15-20 minutes, her mother and daughter often talk about school and friends. Thanks to that, the actress skillfully guides her children on how to treat people. This is also a way to help the mother and daughter get closer to each other, her daughter is willing to share with her mother the difficult things to say.

Runner-up Trinh Kim Chi teaches her children the OLD way: People praise others, but look at her and admire her - Photo 3.

Her 2 daughters are very obedient, good at studying, and listen to adults.


Runner-up Trinh Kim Chi once shared that she likes Khanh Ngan to study Economics. However, she still respects the child’s choice. In the end, Khanh Ngan chose to follow the tourist route to have more opportunities to explore the lands, as well as being willing to run a travel agency.

Not only respecting the child’s choice, Trinh Kim Chi also let her have a private space. In the past, when Khanh Ngan knew that she liked this person or that person, the actress often provoked her daughter to confide in her mother. She kept a calm attitude, did not panic, worry or prohibit, deter.

“I often tell my children that, if you like them or they like you, it’s okay, just get used to them, keep loving, you just have to know how to stop at a certain level to be able to care, worry, and encourage each other to grow together. When they are successful, when they come together, love will be complete.” actress confided.

Runner-up Trinh Kim Chi teaches her children the OLD way: People praise others, but look at her and admire her - Photo 4.

Khanh Ngan was carefully raised by her mother, so she became a confident, mature, understanding girl.

Trinh Kim Chi commented that the eldest daughter is a girl who is understanding, mature, and older than her age. Because right from when Khanh Ngan was young, the actress always encouraged her children to have independent thoughts and dare to speak out their opinions. She always listens to and respects her children’s opinions, even in the arts, where she has more experience and knowledge.

Trinh Kim Chi shared: “When my children have the right comments and thoughts, I always cheer. From what they say, I adjust for them to know how to say what they think without hurting or upset others. I teach I want to be honest with everyone.”


Trinh Kim Chi did not intend to direct her child to any profession because she respects his choice. What she taught her children was self-confidence. The actress always encourages her children to participate in school projects to make themselves bolder. There are things she can help, but she lets her children handle it on their own, just quietly watching from afar.

For example, in a music and fashion show with a budget of 100 million dong, Khanh Ngan planned, invited actors, and negotiated remuneration without asking her mother. The actress just asked and gave her opinion so that she could do it herself.

“From these activities, I realized that my daughter has a tendency to manage and organize, has a scientific, serious and convincing way of working. Choosing a career for her is not equal to creating strengths for her to be independent. choose the right career” Trinh Kim Chi emphasized.

Thanks to Trinh Kim Chi’s subtle upbringing, her children are all commented on as cute, gentle, and skillful in dealing with people. Her children not only know how to choose friends to play with, but also tolerant, accepting the differences, even the flaws of everyone.

Photo: FBNV

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