Russia develops app store to replace Google Play and App Store

Theo GizChina, when the Russian app store is ready for launch, the government will require mobile device manufacturers and importers to install it before sending the device to stores. The Russian App Store will only include applications listed by the Ministry of Digital Development. They will create similar app of App Store and Google Play without attracting budget capital.

Russia develops an application store to replace Google Play and App Store - Photo 1

RuStore is the expected app store in Russia

The draft’s developers say they had to do so due to a number of issues such as sanctions, uncertainty with equipment provision, and disconnections from IT infrastructure. The content notes that the purpose of creating a Russian app store is to provide Russians with familiar internet services and interactive channels.

Since this will be Russia’s first independent app store, the project builders propose to amend the federal law on consumer protection.


In April, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin instructed the Ministry of Digital Development to create a system similar to the App Store and Google Play application stores for the domestic market by June 1. Mr. Mishustin explained that foreign platforms may soon restrict Russians’ right to download apps.

At the end of May, two app stores appeared in Russia, RuStore by VK and NashStore produced by Digital Platforms ANO. Of these, RuStore received the most attention. Yandex and 9 other big IT companies including Sberbank, Avito, Rostelecom, Tinkoff… joined the expert panel to form the RuStore principles.

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