Russia launches combat robot capable of defeating armored vehicles

In the video released by the Russian Ministry of Defense, two unmanned combat robot vehicles showed off their capabilities and weapons, practicing shooting at simulated enemies during the joint exercise Zapad-2021.

The Uran-9 armored fighting vehicle is built like a conventional armored vehicle but is remotely controlled. It can be armed with both cannons and missile systems, and is equipped with high-tech infrared and laser sensors to find and hit targets.

Although the appearance of the Uran-9 was rarely seen until these latest exercises, these models have been tested during the Syrian civil war. This combat robot vehicle even has a flamethrower designed to burn enemy infantry and destroy fortified positions.

Russia launched a combat robot capable of defeating armored vehicles - Photo 1.

Uran-9 armored robot in action during exercise Zapad-2021. Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense

According to what the army commanders said, this is the first time the Uran-9 robot has been used in combat formations, along with the Nerekhta robot that has also been introduced for the exercise. This is a tracked vehicle equipped with a central cannon, designed for reconnaissance in areas too dangerous to send troops. It carries a machine gun as well as a grenade launcher. “The Nerekhta combat robot is designed to carry out reconnaissance missions, fire directly at enemy positions, and quickly deliver ammunition and equipment,” the officials said.

Mr Putin was present to check screens, watch explosions and hear gunfire during the drills from a command post.

Exercise Zapad-2021 has become a regular military activity, bringing together Russian and Belarusian soldiers, as well as troops from several other countries, to improve combat capabilities and introduce technology. new technology.

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