Russia restricts vehicles to the border with Georgia

North Ossetia, a Russian republic close to the Georgian border, announced to limit the flow of vehicles to this area.

North Ossetian leader Sergei Menyaylo posted on Telegram today that he has put the region on “high alert” and “restricted car access”. Menyaylo said passenger cars will be restricted to North Ossetia, except for those registered there.

Long lines of Russians, mostly men of military age, have gathered at the border with Georgia since Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a mobilization order, mobilizing an additional 300,000 troops for the Ukrainian battlefield. According to photos released by the US-based technology company Maxar Technologies on September 26, thousands of cars and trucks lined up at the border checkpoint between Russia and Georgia.

Russians pass through the Kazbegi border crossing to Georgia on September 28.  Photo: AFP.

Russians pass through the Kazbegi border crossing to Georgia on September 28. Image: AFP.

The North Ossetian restrictions come amid concerns that Russia could impose travel bans and border closures, as it emerged that several men had been denied permission by Russian border guards. exit. At a press conference on September 26, a Kremlin spokesman said that there was no decision to close the Russian border or declare martial law in some border areas.

On September 28, the Russian government website announced that it would not issue passports to those who were enlisted in the military.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, those exempted from the mobilization order include technology personnel, banks, journalists, defense industry employees, people who do not meet health standards, have at least four children or must take care of disabled loved ones. Putin also signed an exemption for students studying at national universities and vocational colleges.

Location of North Ossetia.  Graphics: BBC.

Location of North Ossetia. Graphics: BBC.

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