Russia shows off a series of new weapons in the Zapad-2021 exercise

Russian servicemen used the Sarmat-2 all-terrain vehicle and the new Platform-M combat robot for the first time during the joint exercise Zapad-2021.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that the Sarmat-2 light tactical vehicle was first used by airborne troops during a training session on September 11 within the framework of the Zapad-2021 drills at the Mulino training range, Kirov province. .

Video shows Russian servicemen loading Sarmat-2 tactical vehicles onto Mi-17 helicopters, some of which are attached to hangers outside the helicopter. Helicopters then brought Sarmat-2 vehicles to the combat area so that they could assist the armored vehicles in destroying the simulated targets.

The Sarmat-2 all-terrain vehicle can carry up to three servicemen, armed with a 12.7 mm Kord machine gun and an AGS-17 grenade launcher. The vehicle can operate at an altitude of 3,100 m, pass a pass at an altitude of 4,500 m and carry 600 kg of cargo.

Russian servicemen also operated the Platform-M combat robot for the first time during the Zapad-2021 drills. The remote-controlled crawler combat robot is equipped with a medium machine gun and grenade launcher.

Russia launched new weapons in joint drills

Russian servicemen use Sarmat-2 armored personnel carriers during exercise Zapad-2021 on September 11. Video: BQP Nga.

Exercise Zapad-2021 took place from September 10 to 16 on 14 fields of Russia and Belarus, with more than 200,000 servicemen, 80 aircraft and helicopters, 290 tanks, 240 artillery complexes, rocket artillery and mortars. with 15 ships participating.

Russia and Belarus held a joint exercise Zapad to test the ability to coordinate activities in solving military security and territorial integrity issues of the Russian Federation – Belarus, and interoperability between the two militaries. in repelling foreign aggression.

Ukraine and NATO members Poland and Lithuania have expressed concern about large-scale exercises near the border.

“We need to realize that maybe Russia could attack Estonia in the next few years,” Martin Herem, the Estonian military commander, said on September 10. “Russia does not aim to gain control by occupation, it wants to create instability and influence through it.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 9 affirmed that the Zapad-2021 drills “are not aimed at anyone”, in the context of NATO “increasing its presence near the state border of the Russian Federation – Belarus” and its allies. of Moscow.

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