Russian paratroopers wear night vision goggles for the first time in amphibious warfare

More than 600 Russian servicemen used night vision goggles for the first time to support parachute landings in the dark at the joint exercise Zapad-2021.

“The large-scale landing with more than 600 servicemen with full equipment and weapons, and 30 BMD-2K-AU and BMD-4M airborne amphibious armored vehicles took place overnight at the Strugi Krasnye training range.” The Russian Defense Ministry said on September 12.

The training was part of the Zapad-2021 exercise and was the first time Russian servicemen used night vision goggles to support amphibious operations at night. The video shows groups of paratroopers leaving the Il-76MD transport aircraft at an altitude of about 1,000 m “in unfavorable weather conditions”, after which the armored vehicles were dropped to the landing site.

The Russian servicemen then received the armor and marched about 100 km to the Strugi Krasye training range, capturing mock targets and organizing mobile defenses.

Russian paratroopers use night vision goggles for the first time to support landings

Russian paratroopers and armored personnel carriers landed on the ground during a drill on the night of 9/11. Video: BQP Nga.

Exercise Zapad-2021 took place from September 10 to 16 on 14 fields of Russia and Belarus, with more than 200,000 servicemen, 80 aircraft and helicopters, 290 tanks, 240 artillery complexes, rocket artillery and mortars. with 15 ships participating.

Russia and Belarus hold a joint exercise Zapad every two years, aiming to test the ability of the Russian Federation State to work together to solve problems of military security and territorial integrity, and interoperability. between the militaries of the two countries in repelling acts of aggression from the outside.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 9 affirmed that the Zapad-2021 drills “are not aimed at anyone”, in the context of NATO “increasing its presence near the state border of the Russian Federation – Belarus” and its allies. of Moscow.

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