Russian President Vladimir Putin is self-isolating

Russian President Vladimir Putin is self-isolating - Photo 1.

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets some athletes in Moscow on September 11 – Photo: REUTERS

“President Vladimir Putin said that regarding the new strain of corona virus infection in his entourage, he will adhere to self-isolation procedures for a period of time,” Sputnik news agency quoted spokesman Dmitry Peskov of the Kremlin on September 14.

Also according to the Kremlin spokesman, vSelf-isolation does not directly affect the president’s work, he will continue to work through video meetings.

He has also been tested for COVID-19. “The president’s health is very good,” Peskov said.

As such, Putin will not be able to travel to Tajikistan this week to attend regional security meetings.

Putin has been vaccinated against COVID-19 since April 2021 with the domestic vaccine Sputnik V.

Russian authorities also have strict measures to protect Mr. Foreign leaders, reporters and officials are required to self-quarantine before coming into contact with the president.

On September 13, Putin met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and a number of athletes returning from attending the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Russia is one of the countries hardest hit by the COVID-19 epidemic, ranking fifth in the world in terms of number of cases, according to AFP news agency. The country has recorded more than 7.17 million cases and 194,249 deaths.

Although the number of cases has decreased in recent days after peaking in August 2021, Russia still recorded 17,837 new cases and 781 deaths as of September 14.


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