Russian submarine launches anti-ship missile near the North Pole

The Orel nuclear submarine launched anti-ship missile P-700 Granite, hitting the target of enemy warship from more than 100 km away.

“The Granit anti-ship missile was launched from a submarine in a submerged state, aimed at simulating a large surface enemy’s surface ship. The crew of the Orel nuclear submarine completed the task, demonstrating their expertise. professional and mature maritime skills,” the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet said in a statement yesterday.

The missile launch was part of drills in the Barents Sea by the Russian navy’s Arctic combat group.

Russian submarine launches anti-ship missile near the North Pole

Orel submarine during a live-fire exercise on September 12. Video: Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Orel is a third-generation cruise missile submarine of Project 949A, commissioned in 1993. The main weapon of this class is 24 anti-ship missiles P-700 Granite with a range of 625 km, cruising speed. 3,100 km/h process and uses a 750 kg warhead. Project 949 submarines are called “carrier killers” when they can defeat the largest ships.

With a length of 154 m and a displacement of 16,400 tons when submerged, this is the fourth largest submarine ever built in the history of the world, as well as the largest cruise missile submarine in the world until the US swap converted four Ohio-class aircraft in 2007 to carry Tomahawk missiles. The ship reaches a maximum speed of 60 km / h when diving, a maximum depth of up to 500 m.

The Orel submarine was modernized in 2017, in which the Granit missile launchers were replaced by a launcher cluster that can carry 72 Kalibr cruise missiles, each with a maximum range of up to 2,500 km.

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