Samsung reveals research to copy human brain into chip

Samsung revealed research on copying human brains into chips - Photo 1.

Image of mouse neurons on CMOS nanoelectrode array – Photo: Samsung

Through research Neuroelectronics based on brain replication published in the magazine Nature Electronics Recently, “giant” Samsung Electronics and a team of experts at Harvard University introduced a vision of the ability to copy the neuron map of the human brain using a microscopic nanoelectrode circuit.

This nanoelectrode circuit is a breakthrough work co-developed by Samsung Institute of Advanced Technology professor and member Donhee Ham and Harvard University professor Hongkun Park.

Once done, the copy results are saved to a high-density three-dimensional network of solid drives.

In this way, the authors of the study hope that memory chips will surpass the limits of current technology and possess the characteristics of the human brain such as low power consumption, fast learning, adaptability. with a high environment, even self-control and awareness.

The work goes a step further, proposing a way to copy the neural map system into a memory network at high speed.

Specifically, the network of electrostatic memories can learn and present the neuronal system after being driven by recorded signals from the intracellular domain. This diagram will directly load the map of human brain neurons into the memory chip.

In addition, Samsung is hatching plans to continue researching neuromorphic engineering through the development of semiconductors using artificial intelligence technology.

Neuroimaging is the work of using very large-scale integrated systems containing similar electronic circuits to “replicate” the biological architecture of the nervous system.

“The vision we have set is very ambitious, but striving for such a great goal is to challenge the boundaries of machine intelligence, neuroscience and current semiconductor technology,” the newspaper said. Korea Times quote Professor Ham said on September 27.


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