Scandal shook Beijing Film Academy: Lecturer sexually abused more than 100 students

Theirs reported that the Beijing Film Academy, the leading school of art training in China, is facing a serious scandal. In it, dozens of candidates stood up to expose dirty tricks in the school’s training and enrollment process.

Theirs commented that this is the biggest scandal and the victims have the smallest age, among the scandals of the Beijing Film Academy. Even an investigation team of the Academy has been set up to handle this harassment and abuse case with the number of victims reaching hundreds of people.

The scandal shook Beijing Film Academy: The lecturer sexually abused more than 100 students - Photo 2.

Trieu Vi Huyen (sitting black shirt) and Do Anh Triet at the academy training school to enter the Beijing Film Academy. Photo: Sina

Forcing contestants to be naked, send sensitive photos

Theo TheirsOn September 20, a victim named Thi Tu Di accused Zhao Weixuan, a student majoring in Directing at the Beijing Film Academy, and director of the Anh Lu Zhantai Art Training School, of committing acts of violence. sexually abused her and many other contestants.

According to the victim, Trieu Vi Huyen took advantage of her reputation to trick more than 20 girls, even a middle school girl, into her own house to play tricks. For the reason of serving art, Trieu seduced and forced them to wear revealing clothes, even naked to shoot hot clips.

Trieu Vi Huyen was exposed to seducing more than 100 girls to provide sensitive photos in exchange for acting opportunities. In addition, in the process of working, Trieu often used obscene words to talk to the victims.

Thi Tu Di representing the victims accused the director of “loving green beard”. Photo: Sina

This person also often takes advantage of the production direction to grovel and touch the sensitive areas of female students. In particular, these people have a young age, who are studying to prepare for the entrance exam to the Beijing Film Academy.

“He gave us exercises like ‘my sexual fantasies’, ‘first time self-satisfaction’ for us to practice, to express our emotions. These sensitive topics put us to shame.” Thi Tu Di shared. The victims said they were psychologically haunted when they went through the class of the “blue-beard-loving” director.

When the first victim spoke up, dozens of other people supported Trieu Vi Huyen’s process of exposing the crime, creating an unprecedented wave of outrage. Actress Ton Le’s cousin, Ton Diem, who is studying at the school, also spoke out in support of the victims.

Rape leads to pregnancy

However, the person with more serious and condemnable sexual abuse is the teacher of Trieu Vi Huyen, principal of Anh Lo Tram Dai Art Training School – Do Anh Triet. Do is a director and screenwriter with many years of experience in the profession, has played tricks with hundreds of practitioners, even making a 17-year-old girl pregnant after forced sex.

According to Thi Tu Di’s share, Do Anh Triet called himself “the godfather of the entertainment world”, proudly seducing and having relationships with hundreds of students. When she saw Thi Tu Di’s beautiful appearance, Do once tricked her into going to a bar to drink alcohol, wanting to rape her, but Thi Tu Di was lucky to escape.

Another victim shared that when she was invited to Do Anh Triet’s house, she was hugged from behind by him. She struggled to escape. After a while, Do took her to the fitting room for the reason of choosing a costume for the event, she was touched by Do in the first round.

Do Anh Triet was described as a person with many disgusting acts, even forcing a 17-year-old female student to get pregnant. Photo: Sina

According to Baidu, the art exam preparation facility Photo Lo Tram Dai of Do Anh Triet and Tran Vi Huyen was established in 2007, so far, more than 500 students have participated and are all young girls with the desire to train. to enter the Beijing Film Academy. This is the environment for the two “blue-bearded lovers” to commit crimes.

A male student revealed that in 2013, Do Anh Triet raped a 17-year-old female student and made her pregnant. She had to drop out of school and give birth at the age of 18. A female teacher who was a victim of Do came to this training facility, holding a banner exposing the lewd behavior and clashing with Do Anh Triet, but he still did not. stop hand.

According to Thi Tu Di, Do Anh Triet’s trick is to find a way to contact innocent and gentle-looking practitioners from their friends. This director will use a lot of praise to seduce victims, painting them a vision of a bright future of art. After getting acquainted with the victim, he groped and threatened to destroy the future of art if the victim reported it.

Thi Tu Di did not dare to stand up to expose Do Anh Triet’s dirty behavior early because he was worried that he would use his power to destroy her dreams. It was only when she entered the Beijing Film Academy that Thi Tu Di dared to stand up against Do Anh Triet and call on the brave victims to stand up and fight with her.

By September 20, there were 21 victims who accepted to denounce Do Anh Triet’s depraved behavior. Thi Tu Di said that Do Anh Triet’s wife was also an accomplice, aiding her husband to harm the lives of female students.

When being denounced by dozens of people, Do Anh Triet also clarified that he did not commit depraved acts.

“My teaching method may be controversial, but it works. Human nature is complex, I cannot speculate on the true thoughts of the women who accuse me, but I am willing to. I don’t mind being investigated, I’m just afraid that Miss Thi Tu Di won’t dare to report to the police”, Do Anh Triet challenged the victims and the public.

Before the wave of public anger, the Film Academy issued a strict notice to investigate and handle Trieu Vy Huyen and Do Anh Triet if they violated the law, taking advantage of their position to sexually abuse. schoolgirls.

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